Fiona "Fiona" (1985) -AOR / Soft Rock-

Label : Atlantic Recording Corporation / Rock Candy (CANDY235)

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Hang Your Heart On Me (Fiona Flanagan, Donnie Kisselbach & Harry Reilly)
02 - Talk To Me (Beau Hill)
03 - You're No Angel (Peppi Marchello)
04 - Rescue Me (Peppi Marchello)
05 - James (Marc Blatte & Fiona Flanagan)
06 - Love Makes You Blind (Peppi Marchello)
07 - Over Now (Donnie Kisselbach
08 - Na Na Song (Peppi Marchello)

Produced by Peppi Marchello

Fiona Flanagan : Vocals
Bobby Messano : Guitar
Donnie Kisselbach : Bass
Benjy King : Keyboards
Joe Franco : Drums

Rick Bell : Saxophone on "Talk To Me" & "James"
Aaron Hurwitz & Peter Sale : Additional Keyboards
George Tebbitt : Rhythm Guitar on "Love Makes You Blind"
Schuyler Deale : Bass on "Love Makes You Blind"
Background vocals : The Mob, Louie Merlino, Fiona Flanagan, Peppi Marchello, Jimmy Wilcox, Tara O'Boyle, Tom Flanagan & Elena Aazan

Recorded at Wizard Studio, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.
Engineered by Mike Scott
Mixed at The Hit Factory
Engineered by Brian McGee
Assistant : Mark Cobrin