Beau Williams "Higher" (1990) -CCM / Soul-

Label : Light Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Walk Like Jesus (Beau Williams & Layton Armor)
02 - It Is Well With My Soul (P.D. Arranged by Beau Williams, Layton Armor & Alan V. Abrahams)
03 - Every Time I Feel The Spirit (P.D. Arranged by Beau Williams & Layton Armor)
04 - That's Heaven To Me (Sam Cooke)
05 - We've Got To Tell (Beau Williams)
06 - Higher And Higher (Carl Smith Raynald Miner & Gary Jackson)
07 - Show Me The Way (Beau Williams, Andrew Gouche & Layton Armor)
08 - Let Me Not Offend Thee (Beau Williams)
09 - I Am A Witness (Beau Williams)

Produced by Alan V. Abrahams & Layton Armor
Arranged by Layton Armor & Alan V. Abrahams
Rhythm Tracks Co-Produced by Layton Armor & Alan V. Abrahams

Laytan Armor : Acoustic Piano, Synthesizers & Rhodes
John Burk : Hammond B3
Andrew Gauche : Bass
Lenny Elliott : Drums
Gerald Albright : Saxophone
Ray Brown : Trumpet
Paulinho Da Costa : Percussion
Sandra Dendy : Tambourine
Alan V. Abrahams : Tambourine

Background vocals / Choir
Donna Abrahams, Lidia Armor, Sherron Bennett*, Cory Briggs*, Kurt Carr, La Shone Cleveland*, Derrick Daughtry, La Van Davis, Saundra Dent, Miautra Dias, Benjamin Fields, Janet Fuller, James Galloway, Alfred Hardy, Cleo Kennedy, Nysa Larry, La Verna D. Mason, Koda McClain, Linda Pringle, Lilye Simmons*, Jimmie Turner, Julia Tillman Waters**, Luther Water**, Maxine Willard Waters**, Oren Waters**, Elvina Williams & Nicole Williams

Choir Conducted by Kurt Carr
*The Kurt Carr Singers
**The Waters

Engineers : Joe Chiccarelli, Matt Hyde, Dave McNair & Dennis Moody

Recorded & Mixed at Soundcastle Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Mixed by Joe Chiccarelli, Dennis Moody & Alan V. Abrahams
Assisted by Bob Lacivita
Production Coordinator : Dale Maurer