Truth "Still The Truth" (1986) -CCM-

Label : The Benson Company, Inc.

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - What Can I Do (Dan Keen & Dick Tunney)
02 - Wonderful Invention (Steven Curtis Chapman & Chris McCollum)
03 - He Is Able (Jon Mohr)
04 - The Spirit Of David (David Binion)
05 - Undivided (Melodie Tunney)
06 - Do What (Niles Borop, James Isaac Elliott & Dwight Liles)
07 - The Highest Call (Wayne Berry & Marty McCall)
08 - Have You Heard? (Joe Huffman, Becky Thurman & Geoff Thurman)
09 - I'll Remember You To The Father (Niles Borop, Mark Gersmehl & Dwight Liles)
10 - Lamb Of God (Twila Paris)

Executive Producer : Dan Cleary
Producer : Steven V. Taylor
Recorded at Stage III, Hummingbird Studio & Tree International (Nashville, TN)
Mixed at Master-Mix Studio
Additional Engineering : Tom Harding & Steve Fralick
Mixed by Brent King & Steven V. Taylor
Mastered at Master-Mix by Hank Williams
Players :
Keyboards : David Huntsinger
DX-7 Programming & Additional Keyboards : John Slick
Bass : Mike Brignardello
Guitar : Jon Goin
Drums : Mark Hammond
Horns : The Truth Brass
Additional Brass on "Spirit Of David", "Undivided" & "What Can I Do" : Mike Haynes, George Tidwell, Chris McDonald & Dennis Solee
Sax Solo on "I'll Remember You To The Father" : Dennis Solee
Brass on "Spirit Of David" & "Undivided" Arranged by Dan Cleary
"What Can I Do" Arranged by David Maddux & Steven V. Taylor
"He Is Able", "Wondeerful Invention", "Do What" & "Lamb Of God" Arranged by David Maddux
"Have You Heard?" Arranged & Programmed on Synclavier Digital System by Reed Arvin
Vocals on "Have You Heard?" Arranged by Steven V. Taylor
Track Arrangements on "Spirit Of David", "I'll Remember You To The Father", "The Highest Call" & "Undivided" by Steven V. Taylor, David Huntsinger, Jon Goin & Mark Hammond
Vocals Arranged by Steven V. Taylor
Strings on "Undivided" Arranged by Reed Arvin
All Strings Played from Synclavier Digital System by Reed Arvin
Percussion : Terry McMillan, Brent King & Steven V. Taylor

Solos :
"He Is Able" : Lisa Pieper
"Lamb Of Glory" : Mark Harris
"I'll Remember You To The Father" : Bernee Tuttle
"What Can I Do" : Lisa Pieper
"Wonderful Invention Of Love" : Wes Tuttle
"Spirit Of David" : Bernee Tuttle & Mark Harris
"Undivided" : Mike Eldred
"Have You Heard?" : Karen Williams

Truth is : Roger Ireland - Director
Mike Eldred, Mark Harris, Travis Laws, Tim Marshall, Shari Beeman, Lisa Pieper, Bernie Tuttle, Joy Young, David Cleveland, Kevin Newton, Alan Nobel, Ken Reich, Ed Seidenkranz, Wes Tuttle, Mike Thomas, Mike Walker, Paul Glasgow, Gina Anguilla & Phil Peters