Tim Miner "I Know You Think You Know" (1988) -CCM-

 Label : Sparrow Records

01 - Hey You!* (Cindy Cruse, Rhett Lawrence & Tim Miner)      
02 - I Know You Think You Know** (Hadley Hockensmith & Tim Miner)       
03 - Did I Forget To Say?** (Cindy Cruse, Rhett Lawrence & Tim Miner)       
04 - Too Casual** (Cindy Cruse, Rhett Lawrence & Tim Miner)      
05 - Cover Me*** (Cindy Cruse & Tim Miner)       
06 - Smarter Than Crack*** (Brian Tankersley & Tim Miner)       
07 - Degeneration (Hadley Hockensmith & Tim Miner)         
08 - You Know I Love This Feelin' (Cindy Cruse & Tim Miner)      
09 - Masquerade (Hadley Hockensmith & Tim Miner)        
10 - Now (I Lay Me Down To Sleep)*** (Tim Miner)

Musicians :
Bass : Tim Miner & Tommy Sims
Guitars : Michael Landau, Michael Sembello (Solo on "Masquerade"), James Dillingham, Tim Miner, Phil Keaggy (Solo on "Too Casual"), Brian Tankersley & Michael Gallagher
Piano : Don Wallace
Keyboards : Tim Miner, Rhett Lawrence, Don Wallace & Brian Tankersley
Percussion : Charles Barnett
Drum Overdubs : Ric Norris
Fairlight Programming : Rhett Lawrence & Tim Miner
Strings : Don Wallace
Horns : (Trumpet) : Scott Marsrow, Keith Jourdan & Jay Saunders
             (Trombone) : Keith Adkins
Horn Arrangement for "Degeneration" by Tim Miner & Don Wallace

Background vocals :
David Pack (Guest Vocal on "Did I Forget To Say")
Michael Sembello (Guest Vocal on "Masquerade")
The Winans (Guest Vocals on "Now (I Lay Me Down To Sleep)")
BeBe Winans, Angie Winans, Debbie Winans, Cliff Jones, Mark Freeman, Ronnie V. Todd Walters, Gavin Potter, Joe Cruse III, Karen Cruse Adams, Janie Cruse Stone, Nancy Cruse, John Cruse, Janice Archer Cruse, Nicole 'Bubbles' Bruce & Rob Johnson

Engineers : Don Wallace, Brian Tankersley, Rhett Lawrence, Randy Adams, Loyd Harris, Kelly Hemphill, Ron Lagerloff & Tim Miner

Mixed by Randy Adams, Tim Miner, Don Wallace & Lloyd Harris
Remixing of "I Know You Think You Know", "Too Casual", "Cover Me", "Smarter Than Crack" & "Masquerade" by Brian Tankersley, Tim Miner, Don Wallace & Loyd Harris

Studios : KnightLight Studios, Dallas, TX
Additional Studios : 'Rhett's Place' Studio, Studio City, CA
Eat Yourself Into A Coma Studio, N. Hollywood, CA
Motown Hitsville, USA, Hollywood, CA
Selah Studios, Detroit, MI
Eagle Mountain Studios, Newark, TX
Bossa Nova Hotel, San Fernando, CA
Mighty White Studios, Toluca Lake, CA

Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disc Systems, Hollywood, CA

Produced by Tim Miner
*Produced by James Everette
**Produced by Brian Tankersley
***Produced by Don Wallace