Susan Ashton "Angels Of Mercy" (1992) -CCM / Country Rock-

Label : The Sparrow Corporation

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Here In My Heart (Susan Ashton & Gayla Borders)
02 - Grand Canyon (Wayne Kirkpatrick)
03 - Better Angels Of Our Nature  (Wayne Kirkpatrick)
04 - Hunger And Thirst (Phil Madeira)
05 - Innocence Lost  (Wayne & Karey Kirkpatrick)
06 - Started As A Whisper  (Wayne Kirkpatrick & Billy Simon)
07 - Alice In Wonderland  (Wayne Kirkpatrick & Billy Sprague)
08 - When Are You Coming Back  (Wayne Kirkpatrick)
09 - Walk On By  (Wayne Kirkpatrick & Phil Madeira)
10 - Let Me Go  (Wayne Kirkpatrick & Wes King)

Produced by Wayne Kirkpatrick for RBI Productions
Executive Producer : Brown Bannister

Drums : Chris McHugh & John Hammond
Drum Programming : John Hammond
Bass : Jimmie Lee Sloas
Acoustic Guitar, Hi-String Guitar & Pencil Guitar : Wayne Kirkpatrick
Electric Guitars & Acoustic Guitar : Gordon Kennedy
B3 Organ : Phil Madeira
Fairlight Programming : Carl Marsh
Piano : Wayne Kirkpatrick & Blair Masters
Keyboards : Blair Masters & Carl Marsh
Percussion : Terry McMillan
Sax Solo on "Walk On By" : Mark Douthit
Mandolin : Tom Hemby
Slide Dobro on "When Are You Coming Back" : Jerry Douglas
Pedal Steel on "Innocence Lost" : Dan Dugmore
Violin on "Innocence Lost" : Rob Hajacos
Upright Bass on "Let Me Go" : Craig Nelson

Background vocals : Chris Rodriguez, Michael Black on "Walk On By" ; Chris Harris, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Susan Ashton on "Alice In Wonderland" ; Chris Rodriguez, Michael Black, Chris Willis on "When Are You Coming Back" ; Wayne Kirkpatrick, Billy Simon on "Started As A Whisper" ; Chris Rodriguez, J.D. Cunningham, Wayne Kirkpatrick & Susan Ashton on "Here In My Heart" ; Chris Rodriguez, Michael Black & Wayne Kirkpatrick on "Hunger And Thirst" ; Chris Harris, Wayne Kirkpatrick on "Better Angels Of Our Nature"

Production Coordinator : Traci Sterling
Tracks Recorded by Jeff Balding at Quad Studios, Nashville, TN & Assisted by Jim DeMain
Overdubs Recorded at The Dugout, Omni Sound, Kaleidoscope Sound, Nashville ; Northbeach Studio, Franklin, TN
Engineered by Keith Compton, Steve Bishir & Brent King
Mixed by Tom Laune at Omni Sound, Nashville & Assisted by Patrick Kelly
Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab, Hollywood, CA