Morry Stearns "Power In Our Hands" (1992) -Soft Rock-

Label : Morry Stearns Music / Polydor Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Take It From There (Morry Stearns)
02 - Mother Earth (Morry Stearns)
03 - One More Color (Morry Stearns)
04 - Power In Our Hands (Morry Stearns)
05 - Lay This Body Down (Morry Stearns)
06 - Just Blues (Morry Stearns)
07 - In The Quiet Night (Morry Stearns)
08 - Riders (Morry Stearns)
09 - Short-Term Thinkin' (Morry Stearns)
10 - I Knew A Lady (Morry Stearns)
11 - Who Do You Believe (Morry Stearns)
12 - Has Anybody Seen Christmas (Morry Stearns)
13 - One People (Morry Stearns)

All Songs Written, Arranged & Produced by Morry Stearns
Co-Produced by Bob Benson
Executive Producers : Michael T. Martin & Masaru Nishiyama
Musicians :
David Foster : Acoustic Piano on "In The Quiet Night"
Shari Ulrich : Mandolin on "One More Color"
Paul Horn : Flute on "The Grail Song"
Linda Kidder : Vocal Duet on "Take It From There"
Bill Sample : Horn Arrangements, Hammond B-3, Organ Solo on "Just Blues" & Synthesizer
Dane DeViller : Guitars
Brian Newcombe : Bass
Daryl Bennett : Drums
Jerry Aldophe : Drums on "The Grail Song"
Background Vocalists : Duncan Meiklejohn, Joani Bye, Sean Hosein, April Gislason, Good Maxwell, Cecile Larochelle, Seattle's Total Experience Gospel Choir with Soloist Pat Wright on "One People"
Horns :
Tom Keenlyside : Tenor, Baritone & Soprano Sax, Tenor Solos on "Just Blues" & "Power In Our Hands", Soprano Solo on "In The Quiet Night"
Tom Colclough : Tenor & Alto Sax, Tenor Solo on "Who Do You Believe", Alto Solo on "Take It From There", Tenor 'Bits' on "Lay This Body Down" & "The Grail Song", Alto 'Bits' on "One More Color"
Vince Mai : Trumpet, Muted Trumpet Solo on "In The Quiet Night"
Paul Baron : Trumpet
Ian McDougall : Trombone
Dane DeViller & Sean Hosein : Programming & Sequencing on "Riders", "Take It From There" & "I Knew A Lady"
Additional 'Sequence Sweetening' throughout
Morry Stearns : Lead & Background vocals, Acoustic Piano, Rhodes, Hammond B-3 on "One More Color", Synthesizers, Moog Bass on "Riders", Percussion
Recorded December 1991 to May 1992 at Seacoast Sound, Victoria, B.C., Canada ; Blue Wave Studios, Vancouver, B.C. & Chartmaker, Los Angeles, California