Michael Martin Murphey "Americana" (1987) -Americana / Country Rock-

Label : Warner Bros. Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Face In The Crowd (Karen Staley & Gary Harrison)
02 - A Long Line Of Love (Paul Overstreet & Thom Schuyler)
03 - Once Upon A Time (Michael Martin Murphey & David Hoffner)
04 - Out Of Touch (Wayland Holyfield & Peter McCann)
05 - Almost Free (Hugh Prestwood)
06 - Worlds Apart (Michael Martin Murphey)
07 - No One Else But You (David Hoffner & Bill Miller)
08 - You're History (Michael Martin Murphey & David Hoffner)
09 - My Darling Wherever You Are (John Scott Sherrill, Bob DiPiero & Michael Mugrage)
10 - I'm Never Gonna Let You Go (Bob Corbin)

Produced by Steve Gibson for Steve Gibson Productions & by Jim Ed Norman for JEN Productions, Inc.
Acoustic Guitars : Michael Martin Murphy, Larry Byrom, Mark Casstevens, Steve Gibson & Billy Walker
Electric Guitars : Steve Gibson, Jon Goin, Josh Leo, Billy Walker & Reggie Young
Steel Guitar : Lloyd Green
Banjo : Steve Gibson
Bass : Mike Brignardello & Michael Rhodes
Acoustic Piano : Dennis Burnside, David Hoffner & John Jarvis
Drums : Eddie Bayers & Tommy Wells
Synthesizers : Dennis Buurnside, David Hoffner, Dave Innis & Mike Lawler
Saxophone : Jim Horn
Trombone : Barry Green
Trumpet : George Tidwell
Clarinet : Buddy Skipper
Background vocals : Thom Flora, Gary Janney, Jim Photoglo, Ned Wimmer, Gary Musick, Pat Finch, Ellen Musick & Michael Lunn
Recorded at Omni Sound by Eric Prestidge
Assisted by Billy Whittington & Daniel Johnston
Additional Recording at The Loft by Eric Prestidge, Assisted by Lee Groitzsch & A Suite 900 Studio by Jimmy Stroud
Originally Mastered at Georgetown Masters by Denny Purcell & Eric Prestidge
Arrangement on "You're History" by Buddy Skipper
Duet with Holly Dunn on "Face In The Crowd"