Larnelle Harris "From A Servant's Heart" (1986) -CCM-

Label : Benson Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - A Mighty Fortress (Bill George & John Chisum)
02 - Love Found A Way (Phill McHugh & Greg Nelson)
03 - God Of The Second Chance (Larnelle Harris, Randall Dennis & Phill McHugh)
04 - I Miss My Time With You (Larnelle Harris & Phill McHugh)
05 - I Want To Know Christ (Michael Hudson & Gary Driskell)
06 - I Will Glory In The Cross (Dottie Rambo)
07 - Oh, Happy Day (Edwin R. Hawkins)
08 - Much Too High A Price (Phill McHugh & Greg Nelson)
09 - His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Public Domain)

Produced by Greg Nelson
Recorded at Great Circle Sound Studio, The Bennett House & Stage III
Engineered by Bob Clark, Brent King & John Bolt
Assistant Engineers : David Murphy, Clarke Schleicher & Mack Smith
Mastered at Master Mix by Hank Williams
Musicians :
Piano : David Huntsinger
Synthesizer & Keyboards : Phil Naish
Guitar : Greg Jennings & Steve Gibson
Bass : Craig Nelson & Gary Lunn
Drums : Mark Hammond
Percussion : Farrell Morris
Strings : Carl Gorodetzky & The Nashville String Machine
Brass : George Tidwell, Ronald Keller, John Rommel, Paul Butcher, Jeffrey Bailey, Michael Haynes, Eberhard Ramm, Barbara Hutchins, Robert Heuer, Tom McAninch, Rick Dicker, Michael Buckmeister, Chris McDonald, Gene Mullins, Barry Green, Rex Peer, Ernie Collins & Gilbert Long
Background vocals : Beverly Darnall, Melodie Tunney, Bonnie Keen, Marty Mcall, Ellen Musick, Leah Taylor, Karla Worley, Mary B. Bates, Tammy Taylor, Keith Moore, William Bastian, John Darnall, Gary Musick, Jon Mohr, Jon Sherberg, Jan Esterline, Pete Carlson, Harlan Moore, Jim Jarred, Ed Kee, Dick Tunney, Brian Williamson, Paul Lynch, Gary Driskell, Butch Curry, David Maddux, Jane Sherberg, Sarah Griffiths, Steve Taylor, Nick Bruno, Ned Wimmer, Gary Robertson, Cosette Byrd, Brian Felpen, Sharon Felpen, Tammy Boyer, Don Peslis, Brent Henderson, Jackie Wood, Amy Ransome, Joe Finetti, Mike Patty, Greg McCaw, LeahHelvering, Melody Prather & Jim Bittner
"Much Too High A Price", "I Will Glory In The Cross", "I Want To Know Christ", "Love Found A Way", "A Mighty Fortress", "His Eye Is On The Sparrow" & "God Of The Second Chance" Arranged, Orchestrated & Conducted by David T. Clydesdale
"Oh, Happy Day" & "I Miss My Time With You" Arranged & Orchestrated by Alan Moore, Conducted by Greg Nelson
Choir on "Love Found A Way" & "God Of The Second Chance" was Produced by Craig Patty
Executive Producer : Dan Cleary
Production Coordinator : Cindy Wilt