Geoff Moore & The Distance "Evolution" (1993) -CCM-

Label : ForeFront Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Evolution... Redefined* (Geoff Moore & Phil Madeira)
02 - I Can See Clearly Now** (Johnny Nash)
03 - Life Together** (Geoff Moore & Joe Hogue)
04 - Live To Tell** (Geoff Moore & Steven Curtis Chapman)
05 - If You Could See What I See* (Geoff Moore & Steven Curtis Chapman)
06 - Godgottaholdonme** (Geoff Moore & Joe Hogue)
07 - That's When I'll Know I'm Home* (Geoff Moore & Steven Curtis Chapman)
08 - Heart To God, Hand To Man* (Geoff Moore & Pam Mark Hall)
09 - Why Should The Devil (Have All The Good Music)* (Larry Norman)
10 - When All Is Said And Done* (Geoff Moore & Jeff Silvey)

*Produced by Phil Naish for Naishing Teeth Productions
**Produced by Joe Hogue
Executive Producers : Eddie DeGarmo & Dan R. Brock

*Recorded & Mixed by Ronnie Brookshire
*Additional Engineering by Keith Compton & Greg Parker
*Second Engineering by Greg Parker, Todd Robbins, Patrick Kelly & Dave Dillbeck
*Production Coordinator : Bridgett Evans O'Lannerghty
*Recorded & Mixed at Studio at Male End, Franklin, TN
*Tracks Recorded at The Bennett House, Franklin, TN
*Additional Recording at Quad Studios, Nashville, TN
*Additional Musicians : Phil Naish, Dann Huff, Jimmy A. & Jackie Street
*Additional Background vocals : Mark Heimermann, Michael Black & Pam Mark Hall
*Voice of Teacher by Mark Lowry on "Revolution... Redefined"
*Choir On "That's When I'll Know I'm Home" : Geof Barkley, Barry Blaze, Kim Chandler, Pam Mark Hall, Scot Kifer, Cindy Morgan, Becky Naish, Danny O'Lannerghty, Renay Presley & Rebecca Smallbone

**Engineered by Paul Salverson
**Assistant to the Producer : Chris Hogue & Paul Salveson
**Recorded at Sound Revolutions, Nashville, TN ; Recording Arts, Nashville, TN & Quad Studios, Nashville, TN
**Mixed by John Jaszcz at 16th Avenue Sound, Nashville, TN
**Arranged by Joe Hogue And Geoff Moore & The Distance
**Additional Musicians : Joe Home, Chris Hogue, Micah Wilshire, Raymond Weaver & Lisa Glasgow

The Distance :
Geof Barkley : Keyboards
Roscoe Meek : Guitars
Gary Mullett : Bass
Greg Herrington : Drums & Programming

Mastered by Glen Meadows at Masterfonics