Beyond Reach "Beyond Reach" (2005) -Soft Rock-

Label : At Hang Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Prelude (Randle Chowning)
02 - The Drum (Randle Chowning & Ross)
03 - What I Need Is Your Love (Randle Chowning & Larry Lee)
04 - My Old Band (Randle Chowning)
05 - Love Shouldn't Treat You That Way (Larry Lee)
06 - Eisenhower's Farewell Excerpts 
07 - You Can't Give Enough (Randle Chowning, Cook & Mark Morton)
08 - Getaway (Randle Chowning & Larry Lee)
09 - Starlight And Broken Strings (Randle Chowning)
10 - Invisible Man (Randle Chowning, Mark Morton & Larry Lee)
11 - House Of Blues (Randle Chowning)
12 - We Don't Need To Say Goodbye (Randle Chowning & Larry Lee)
13 - Reprise (Randle Chowning & Hoffner)
14 - When God Made Love (Randle Chowning, Long & Taylor)

Beyond Reach :
Randle Chowning : Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Synths & Vocals
Larry Lee : Acoustic Guitar, Synths, Percussion, Programming & Vocals

Additional musicians :
Ron Krasinski : Drums
Michael Rhodes : Bass
Bill Cuomo : B3, Piano & Synths
Dave Hoffen : Piano & Synths
Catherine Styron-Marx : Piano on "Invisible Man"
Mark Morton : Electric Guitar on "Can't Give Enough" & Acoustic Guitar on "Invisible Man"
Pat Buchanan : Electric Guitar on "Get Away", "Starlight And Broken Strings", Solos on "Invisible Man", "House Of Blues", "What I Need Is Your Love", "Love Shouldn't Treat You That Way" & "You Can't Give Enough"
Steven Sheehan : Acoustic Guitar on "Get Away", "Starlight And Broken Strings", "Love Shouldn't Treat You That Way", "You Can't Give Enough" & "Invisible Man"
Sam Bush : Mandolin & Fiddle on "We Don't Need To Say Goodbye"
Harry Stinson : Background vocals with Randle Chowning & Larry Lee on "Invisible Man" & "Love Shouldn't Treat You That Way"

Produced by Larry Michael Lee & Randle Chowning
Recorded & Mixed by Larry Michael Lee at Studio on Demand
Additional Recording by Bill Cuomo at Manzenita Studios
Mastered by Eric Conn & Don Cobb at Independent Mastering