The Cornelius Bumpus Quartet ‎"Beacon" (1983) -Contemporary Jazz-

Label : Broadbeach Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - I Know What I Mean (Paul Nagel)
02 - Eye To Eye (Bobby Rosenstein)
03 - Inside You (Bobby Rosenstein)
04 - Maybe Later (Marc Van Wageningen)
05 - Waltz For Little Buddy (Cornelius Bumpus)
06 - Who's On First (Paul Nagel)

Cornelius Bumpus : Tenor Saxophone, Flute & Vocals
Paul Nagel : Acoustic Piano, Rhodes Electric Piano & Prophet 5 Synthesizer
Marc Van Wageningen : Bass
Paul Van Wageningen : Drums ("Eye To Eye", "Waltz For Little Buddy" & "Who's On First")
Additional musicians :
Bobby Rosenstein : Drums ("I Know What I Mean", "Inside You" & "Maybe Latter")
Ray Obiedo : Guitar ("I Know What I Mean", "Inside You" & "Maybe Latter")
Julia Rhodes, Deirdre Jenkins, Karen Dickens Emerson & Steve McArthur : Background vocals ("Inside You")
Rod Harris : Vocal Conductor ("Inside You")
Recorded & Mixed at :
Mobius Music Recording, San Francisco, California
Engineer : Oliver DiCicco
Different Fur, San Francisco, California
Chief Engineer : Stacy Baird
Second Engineers : Howard Johnston & Dale Everingham
Mastered at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California
Produced by The Cornelius Bumpus Quartet