Point Of Grace "Point Of Grace" (1993) -CCM / Soft Rock-

Label : Word Entertainment

01 - I'll Be Believing (Geoff Thurman & Becky Thurman)
02 - One More Broken Heart (Jeff Slaughter & Dwight Niles)
03 - Love Enough (Robert Sterling & Scott Williamson)
04 - Living The Legacy (Geoff Thurman & Lowell Alexander)
05 - Jesus Will Still Be There (Robert Sterling & John Mandeville)
06 - I Have No Doubt (Dawn Thomas & Tommy Greer)
07 - Faith, Hope & Love (Ty Lacy & Kevin Strokes)
08 - Got To Be Him (Shawn Craig & Geoff Thurman)
09 - No More Pain (Geoff Thurman & Becky Thurman)
10 - Refuge Of Love (John Mandeville)
11 - This Day (Lowell Alexander)

Produced by Scott Williamson & Robert Sterling
Executive Producer : John Mays
Recorded by John Jaszcz, Scott Williamson, Wayne Morgan & Doug Sarrett at Recording Arts & Quad Studios, Nashville, TN
Assistant Engineers : Wayne Morgan & Barry Campbell
Mixed by John Jaszcz at Recording Arts, Nashville, TN
Mastered by Hank Williams at MasterMix, Nashville, TN
Drums : Scott Williamson
Bass : Jackie Street
Guitar : Jerry McPherson
Keyboards : Cheryl Rogers & Joe Hogue
Percussion : Eric Darken
Horns : Mike Haynes, George Tidwell, Mark Douthit & Barry Green
Keyboard & Bass Programming ("I'll Be Believing") : Blair Masters
Keyboard & Bass Programming ("I Have No Doubt" & "Refuge Of Love") : Scott Williamson
Keyboard & Drum Programming ("Faith, Hope & Love" & "Love Enough") : Scott Williamson
Drum Programming ("Love Enough") : Todd Collins
Vocal & Rhythm Arrangements : Scott Williamson & Robert Sterling
Vocal Arrangement ("Faith, Hope & Love") : Mervyn Warren
Horn Arrangements ("I'll Be Believing" & "Got To Be Time") : Chris McDonald
The 'Friends & Family All-Volunteer Choir' ("No More Pain") : Jessica Atteberry, Cindy Bean, Frank Breeden, Shaun Cartwright, Travis Cottrell, Paul Cox, Christy Coxe, Ingrid Dumosch, Vickie Dvoracek, Kelly Gardner, Steve Gatlin, Pam Henderson, Chris Hogue, Ken Johnson, Suzie Johnson, Stu Jones, Tammi Lawson, Dianne Mays, H.L. McConnell, Larry McCoy, Cindy Morgan, David Mullen, Nicole Mullen, Alan Murdock, Paddy O'Dells, Kelly Pody, Shawn Body, Tami Pryce, Chance Scoggins, Joe Shell, Vickie Shell, Jeff Slaughter, Steve Smith, Lisa Springer, Cindy Sterling, Jennifer Teague, Audry Teeter, Renee Thornton, Jerry Weimer, Aimee Joy Williamson, Kara Williamson & Frank Calderone

Point Of Grace :
Heather Payne
Shelley Breen
Denise Jones 
Terry Jones