Jasmine "Wild Strings" (1987) -Soft Rock-

Label : Icebergg Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Across The Wide (Carol Schmidt)
02 - I Did My Part (Naomi Neville)
03 - Alla That's All Right, But (June Gordon & Beacon Press)
04 - I Depend On The Muses (Carol Schmidt, Inspired by Claude Debussy)
05 - How Smooth Goodbyes Can Be (Carol Schmidt)
06 - Too Late (Carol Schmidt & Michele Isam)
07 - Come On Home (Horace Silver)
08 - Time Is Your Youngest Friend (Carol Schmidt & Michele Isam)
09 - Where I Belong (Carol Schmidt)
10 - Harriet Tubman (William 'Smokey' Robinson)
11 - Whole Lot Of Me (Aretha Franklin)
12 - Wild Strings (Carol Schmidt & Michele Isam)

Produced by Terry Garthwaite & Jasmine
Engineer : Lee Crooks
Recorded at Breezeway Studios
Waukeska, Wisconsin : September, 1986
Mastered at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California
Jasmine is :
Carol Schmidt : Vocals, Piano & Synthesizer
Michele Isam : Vocals, Tenor & Baritone Saxophones, Clarinet, Percussion (Gato Drums, Bongos & Chimes, Conga, Tambourine, Agogo Bell)
Lydia Ruffin : Vocals on "Across The Wide", "Alla That's All Right, But", "I Depend On The Muses", "Too Late", "Where I Belong", "Harriet Tubman", "Whole Lot Of Me" & "Wild Strings"
With :
Billy Engel : Guitar on "How Smooth Goodbyes Can Be", "Too Late", "Time Is Your Youngest Friend" & "Wild Strings", Pedal Steel on "Across The Wide"
Douglas Rayburn : Bass & Synthesizers
Joe Venegoni : Hammered Dulcimer on "Across The Wide" & "Wild Strings"
Bob Luther : Drums / Gato Drums on "Across The Wide", "I Depend On The Muses", "How Smooth Goodbyes Can Be", "Too Late", "Time Is Your Youngest Friend" & Drums / Timbales on "Alla That's All Right, But"
Additional Vocals by Terry Garthwaite on "Alla That's All Right, But", "I Depend On The Muses" & "Where I Belong"
All Original Songs Arranged by Carol Schmidt & Michele Isam