David Baroni "From The Heart" (1982) -CCM / Westcoast Rock-

Label : LifeStream Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - From The Heart (David Baroni)
02 - Are You Reachin' Out (David Baroni)
03 - It Won't Be Too Long ('Til We're Home) (David Baroni)
04 - Soldier Of The Light (David Baroni)
05 - The Man You Thought You Already Knew (David Baroni)
06 - Port In The Ragin' Storm (David Baroni)
07 - We Need To Meet Them There (David Baroni)
08 - At Your Heart Door Knockin' (David Baroni)
09 - Mr. Money (David Baroni)
10 - The Light That's Always Burning (David Baroni)

Produced by Gary Sanford Paxton
Arranged by David Baroni & Gary Sanford Paxton
Concept : Rex Blesoe
Recorded at The Waxworks Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Engineers : Mike Poston, Gene Rice, John Erickson, Bob Whyley & Gary S. Paxton
Music by The Sanctified Grit Band
Musicians :