Dan Hill "Partial Surrender" (1981) -Westcoast Rock-

Label : Epic Records

Drapeau du Canada 01 - I'm Just A Man (Dan Hill)
02 - All I Want Is You (Dan Hill)
03 - Don't Give Up On Love (Dan Hill)
04 - Somewhere In The Distance (Dan Hill)
05 - Just A Piece Of Your Heart (Dan Hill)
06 - Pray That It's Love (Dan Hill)
07 - Pandora's Song (Dan Hill)
08 - Something's Wrong (Dan Hill)
09 - Class Of '69 (Dan Hill)

Produced by John Boylan
Produced for The Hotter The Flame Productions, Ltd.
Engineered by Paul Grupp
Basic Tracks Recorded at Sounds Interchange, Toronto
Assistant Engineer : Kevin Doyle
Additional Overdubs & Mixing at The Record Plant, L.A.
Assistant Engineer : Phil Jamtaas
Acoustic Guitars : Dan Hill & Dave Wipper
Electric Guitars : Dave Wipper
Bass : Paul Daiter
Keyboards : John Sheard
Drums : Michael Botts
Percussion : Paul Grupp
Background vocals : Dan Hill & John Sheard
Except on "Somethin's Wrong"
Dan Hill, John Sheard, Tom Kelly & Patti G. Smith
Alto Sax on "Just A Pice Of Your Heart" : Gary Foster
Strings Arranged & Conducted by Jimmie Haskell
Except on "Somewhere In The Distance" Arranged by John Sheard
Concertmaster : Sid Sharp