Paul Anka "Freedom For The World" (1987) -Soft Rock-

Label : Dino Music / Front Page Records

Drapeau du Canada 01 - Freedom For The World (Jack White & Paul Anka)
02 - It Hurts To See You Cry (Jack White, Mark Spiro & Paul Anka)
03 - Having My Baby (Paul Anka)
04 - Forever We'll Be In Love* (Jack White, Kristian Schultze, Lorenzo Toppano, Eddie Reesoner & Paul Anka)
05 - Put Your Head On My Shoulder (Paul Anka & Joe Sherman)
06 - Too Young To Die (Jack White & Paul Anka)
07 - Someday (Jack White & Mark Spiro)
08 - My Way (Jacques Revaux, Claude François & Paul Anka)
09 - Hold Me 'Til The Morning Comes (Paul Anka & David Foster)
10 - Bring The Wine (Paul Anka & John Harris)
11 - Until The Day We Said Goodbye (Paul Anka & Richard Marx)
12 - Diana (Paul Anka & Joe Sherman)
13 - Puppy Love (Paul Anka & Joe Sherman)
14 - You Are My Destiny (Paul Anka & Joe Sherman)

Arranged by Uve Schikora
Background vocals : The Munich Voices, The L.A. Singers (Leader, Jim Haas), The Waters Sisters (Maxine Willard Waters & Julia Tillman Waters)
Recorded by Hanno Stratmann at Smash-Tonstudio, Munich, West Germany
All Vocals Recorded by John Van Nest at Image Recording Studios, Hollywood, California, USA
Mixed by Jürgen Koppers at Paradise Studio, Munich, West Germany
Produced by Jack White
*Produced by Jack White & Lorenzo Toppano
Arranged by Lorenzo Toppano
Musicians :