Kenny G & G Force "Gravity" (1985) -Soul Jazz-

Label : Arista Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Love On The Rise* (Wayne A. Brathwaite)
02 - One Man's Poison (Another Man's Sweetness) (Kashif)
03 - Where Do We Take It (From Here) (Roger Sause & Kashif)
04 - One Night Stand** (Kenny G, Stevie Bensusen & Joe Eriksen)
05 - Japan (Kenny G & Randy Jackson)
06 - Sax Attack (Kenny G)
07 - Virgin Island*** (Kenny G)
08 - Gravity (Kenny G)
09 - Last Night Of The Year (Kenny G & Peter Scherer)

Produced by Kashif for The New Music Group
*Produced by Kashif & Wayne A. Brathwaite for The New Music Group
**Produced by Kashif, Wayne A. Brathwaite & Kenny G for The New Music Group
***Produced by Kenny G for The New Music Group
Executive Producer : Kashif
Recorded at The New Music Group Studio, Stamford, Connecticut ; Atlantic Studios, New York City ; Studio G, Seattle, Washington & Electric Lady Studios, New York City
Engineered by Alec Head
Additional Engineering by Bruce Robbins, Mike O'Reilly & Rick McMillen
Assistant Engineers : Stephen Benben & John Harris
Project Coordination : Vivian Scott & Michelle Harris

Musicians :
All Saxes : Kenny G
Drums : Yogi Horton & Kenny 'The Doog' McDougald
Drum Machine Programming : Bashiri Johnson, Wayne A. Brathwaite, Kenny G, Roger Sause & Kashif
Bass : Wayne A. Brathwaite
Synth Bass : Kenny G, Wayne A. Brathwaite, Roger Sause & Kashif
Synthesizers : Wayne A. Brathwaite, Roger Sause, Kenny G & Kashif
Percussion : Bashiri Johnson, Tony Gable & Kashif
Additional Synthesizer Programming & Drum Mutation on "Sax Attack" : Rick McMillen
Synclavier : Kashif, Kenny G & Peter Scherer
Guitar : Ira Siegel, John Raymond, Fareed Abdul Haqq & Joe Shekani
Piano : Barry Eastmond
Lead vocals : Kashif / "Love On The Rise", Andre Montargue / "One Night Stand" &"Where Do We Take It (From Here)", Kashif & Andre Montargue / "One Man's Poison (Another Man's Sweetness)"
Background vocals : Jeff Smith, Tolanda Lee, Kashif / "Love On The Rise", Andre Montargue & Kenny G / "One Night Stand", Jeff Smith, Yolanda Lee, Kenny G & Andre Montargue / "Where Do We Take It (From Here)", Kenny G & Joe Wooten / "Sax Attack", Yolanda Lee, Andre Montargue & Kashif / "One Man's Poison (Another Man's Sweetness)"
Guitar Solo on "Where Do We Take It (From Here)" Performed by Kenny G on The Digital Synthesizer, Programmed by Sal Gallina
All Instruments on "Virgin Island" Performed by Kenny G