B.E. Taylor Group "Innermission" (1982) -Soft Rock / AOR-

Label : Sweet City Records / MCA Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Stand Up For Love (B.E. Taylor)
02 - Never Hold Back (B.E. Taylor)
03 - I Like The Way I Feel (B.E. Taylor)
04 - Makin' My Move (B.E. Taylor)
05 - On And On (B.E. Taylor)
06 - Under The Rug (B.E. Taylor)
07 - Just Like In The Movies (B.E. Taylor)
08 - Be My Baby (Phil Spector, Ellie Greenwich & Jeff Barry)
09 - Not Enough Love (B.E. Taylor)

Produced by Mark Avsec & Donnie Iris for The Belkin/Maduri Organization, In Association with Carousel Records
Executive Producer : Carl Maduri
Additional Vocals : Donnie Iris & Mark Avsec
Horns : Robert 'Chic' Di Ciccio & Vince Richards
Road Crew : Don Boss, Donald Buccalo & Joe Basinger
All Songs Written by B.E. Taylor & Arranged by  B.E. Taylor Group except "Be My Baby" Written by Phil Spector, Ellie Greenwich & Jeff Barry
Recorded at Jeree Studios, New Brighton, PA (Fall 1981)
Engineered by Jerry Reed
Mastered by Steve Hall at MCA/Whitney Recording Studio, Glendale, CA

B.E. Taylor Group :
B.E. Taylor : Lead vocals
Joe Macre : Bass, Pedals & Vocals
Joey D'Amico : Drums & Vocals
Nat Kerr : Keyboards & Vocals
Rick Witkowski : Guitars, Percussion & Vocals