Billy Ocean "Ocean Nights (Feel Like Getting Down)" (1981) -Contemporary R&B-

Label : GTO Records / Epic Records

Drapeau de Trinité-et-Tobago 01 - Are You Ready (Ken Gold & Billy Ocean)
02 - Don't Say Stop (Billy Ocean & Ken Gold)
03 - Whatever Turns You On (Billy Ocean & Ken Gold)
04 - Another Day Won't Matter (Billy Ocean & Ken Gold)
05 - Nights (Feel Like Getting Down) (Billy Ocean & Nigel Martinez)
06 - Who's Gonna Rock You (Ken Gold & Billy Ocean)
07 - Stay The Night* (Ken Gold & Billy Ocean)
08 - Everlasting Love (Billy Ocean, Nigel Martinez & Victor Linton)
09 - Taking Chances (Ken Gold & Billy Ocean)

Bonus Tracks

10 - Are You Ready (12" Version) (Ken Gold & Billy Ocean)
11 - Stay The Night (12" Version) (Ken Gold & Billy Ocean)
12 - Nights (Feel Like Getting Down) (Single Version) (Billy Ocean & Nigel Martinez)
13 - Another Day Won't Matter (Single Version) (Billy Ocean & Ken Gold)

Produced by Nigel Martinez
*Except "Stay The Night" Produced by Ken Gold
Musicians :
Billy Ocean : Lead vocals
Nigel Martinez : Drums, Bass & Percussion
Victor Linton : Guitars All Tracks except "Stay The Night" & "Taking Chances"
Godfrey Wang : Keyboards except on "Stay The Night"

Background vocals & Arrangements by Billy Ocean, Nigel Martinez & Ken Gold
Horns Played & Arranged by Nigel Martinez & Derek Watkins
Horn & String Arrangements on "Stay The Night" by Linton Naiff

Nigel Martinez : Additional Keyboards on "Don't Say Stop" & "Nights"
Godfrey Wang : Percussion on "Whatever Turns You On"
Victor Wang : Percussion on "Whatever Turns You On"
Robert Ahwai : Guitar on "Stay The Night"
Lynton Naiff : Keyboards on "Stay The Night"
Mitch Dalton : Classical & Electric Guitars on Taking Chances
Paul Kinder : Vocal Background on "Whatever Turns You On"
Henry Thomas : Bass Guitar on "Stay The Night"

Recorded at Sound Development Studios, London, England
Engineer : Adrian Sear
The Roundhouse Studio, London, England
Engineer : John Gallen
Assisted by David Kemp
Mixing Engineer : John Gallen
Mastered at CBS Recording Studios, New York