Morgan Cryar "Fuel On The Fire" (1986) -CCM-

Label : Star Song Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Pray In The USA (Morgan Cryar & Ty Tabor)
02 - I'm Not Alone (Morgan Cryar, Doug Pinnick & Ty Tabor)
03 - Underneath Your Feet (Ty Tabor)
04 - I Gotta Know (Morgan Cryar & Doug Pinnick)
05 - I Need The Rock (Morgan Cryar & Ty Tabor)
06 - Break The Chain (Morgan Cryar & Ty Tabor)
07 - Sibling Rivalry (Morgan Cryar)
08 - Under The Rug (Morgan Cryar, Mitch Rayborn & John Andrew Schreiner)
09 - Strength Of The Weak (Morgan Cryar & Mitch Rayborn)
10 - Hideaway (Morgan Cryar & Ty Tabor)

Produced & Recorded by Roy Salmond
Recorded at Rivendell Recorders, Pasadena, Tx.
Engineered by Dave Slagter & Paul Mills
Assisted by Gary Cole, Steve Dady & Bret Hurst
Over Dubs Engineered by Paul Mills
Additional Over Dubs at Inside Track Studio, Burnaby, Canada
Mixed at Inside Track Studio, Burnaby, Canada by Dave Slagter & Roy Salmond
Mastered at Future Disc Systems by Steve Hall
Bass : John Patitucci, Miles Hill & Steve Dady
Drums : Gordon Peak
Guitar : Dane Deviller, Ty Tabor, Jerry McPherson & Roy Salmond
Keyboards : Roy Salmond & Paul Mills
Percussion : Darryl Bennet
Emulator Programming : Paul Mills
Tracks Arranged by John Andrew Schreiner, Roy Salmond & Morgan Cryar
Vocal Arrangements by Bob Farrell & Roy Salmond
Additional Vocals : Roy Salmond, Doug Pinnick, Bob Farrell, Pam Mark Hall, Morgan Cryar, Donny Hackett, Dave Slagter & Gayle Salmond
Background vocals on "I Need The Rock" & "Pray In The USA" :
The Morgan Tabernacle Choir : Ty Tabor, Mike Robinson, Marty Warren, Dale Richardson, Mitch Fortey, Bret Hurst, Vito Rosalino, Steve Dady, Doug Pinnick, Morgan Cryar & Kemper Crabb