Koinonia "Koinonia" (1989) -Westcoast Rock / CCM-

 Label : Royal Music Productions

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Talk About It (Harlan Rogers, Lou Pardini, Jerry Hey & Abraham Laboriel)
02 - We Know The Way By Heart (Lou Pardini & Roy Freeland)
03 - Alegria (Abraham Laboriel)
04 - Mistral (Abraham Laboriel)
05 - Is It Too Late (Lou Pardini & Andrew)
06 - We're All In This Together (Lou Pardini, Jeff Pescetto & Reed Vertelney)
07 - Come Share My World (Abraham Laboriel & Brenda Russell)
08 - You Are My Love (Harlan Rogers)
09 - Straight To Paradise (Lou Pardini, Meredith arshall & Abraham Laboriel)
10 - Lyn (Abraham Laboriel)

Produced by Jerry Hey
Executive Producer : Jerry Levin
Recorded at Record One, Conway, Skip Saylor & Take One Recording Studio, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering Studio, Hollywood, CA
Engineered by Richard McKernan
Mixed by Mick Guzauski
Additional Engineers : Rail Rogut, Gary Wagner, Joey Wolpert, Steve Montgomery & Debbie Johnson
Synthesizer Programming : Erik Hanson
Drum Programming on "We're All In This Together" : Reed Vertelney

Koinonia :
Abraham Laboriel : Bass
Harlan Rogers : Keyboards
Justo Almario : Saxophone
Bill Maxwell : Drums
Lou Pardini : Vocals

Guest musicians :
Michael Landau : Guitars except "We're All In This Together"
Michael Fisher : Percussion
Dean Parks : Guitars on "We're All In This Together"

Background vocalists :
"Talk About It" : Rose Banks & Jean Johnson
"We Know The Way By Heart" & "Come Share My World" : Alfie Silas
"Is It Too Late" : Jeff Pescetto
"We're All In This Together" : Jeff Pescetto, Patti Henely & Brenda Eager