Kimiko Kasai "Kimiko" (1982) -City-Pop / Westcoast Pop-

 Label : CBS/Sony Inc.

Drapeau du Japon 01 - The Right Place (Richard Page, Marc Jordan & Jay Graydon)
02 - Looking For Love (Roy Carter)
03 - Steppin' Outside Tonight (Richard Rudolph & Doug Rudolph)
04 - I'm So Much In Love (Stevie Wonder & Richard Rudolph)
05 - I Felt You Glancin' (Nathan Watts, Shirley Brewer & Vincent Bonham)
06 - Love Is All We Need (Richard Rudolph & Gene Dozier)
07 - I Wish That Love Would Last (Allee Willis & David Lasley)
08 - Over You (David "Hawk" Wolinski)

Produced by Richard Rudolph for Rudolph Productions, Inc.
Recorded at Eldorado Studio in Hollywood, The Lighthouse & L.R.S. Studio in Burbank in January & February 1982 by Scott Singer, Assisted by Anthony Della Rosa & Brian Malouf
Mixed at The Village Recorder in Santa Monica, CA in February 1982 by Scott Singer, Assisted by Clif Jones

"Looking For Love", "Steppin' Outside Tonight", "I'm So Much In Love", "I Felt You Glancin'", "Love Is All We Need" & "Over You"
Randy Waldman : Keyboarrs & Synthesizers
Michael Sembello : Guitar
Nathan Watts : Bass
Steve Turner : Drums
Paulinho Da Costa : Percussion except "Love Is All We Need"
Michael Fisher : Percussion on "Love Is All We Need"
Bobby Lyle : Keyboards & Synthesizers on "Steppin' Outside Tonight" & "Over You"

"The Right Place" & "I Wish That Love Would Last"
Randy Waldman : Keyboards & Synthesizers
Paul Jackson Jr. : Guitar
Jimmy Johnson : Bass
Tony Lewis : Drums
Michael Fisher : Percussion

All Rhythm Tracks Arranged by Richard Rudolph & Gene Dozier except "The Right Place" by Paul Jackson Jr. & "I Wish That Love Would Last" by Randy Waldman
All Rhythm Tracks Conducted by Richard Rudolph except "I Felt You Glancin'" by Gene Dozier

Horn Section : Gary Grant, Ron King, Bill Reichenbach & Dave Boruff
Soprano & Alto Saxophone Solo by Dave Boruff on "I'm So Much In Love" & "I Wish That Love Would Last"
Trombone Solo by Bill Reichenbach on "Love Is All We Need"
Harmonica Solo by Ron Kalina on "Looking For Love"
Horns Arranged by Randy Waldman on "The Right Place"
Horns Arranged by Ron King on "I Felt You Glancin'"

Background vocals : Jim Gilstrap, Marti McCall, Darryl Phinnessee, John Lehman, Sherrie Payne & Lisa Roberts
Background Vocal Arranged by Jim Gilstrap

Mastered at CBS/Sony Shinanomachi Studios in Tokyo by Eiji Taniguchi