Little River Band "Diamantina Cocktail" (1977) -Soft Rock / Westcoast Rock-

 Label : EMI Records

Drapeau de l'Australie 01 - Help Is On Its Way (Glenn Shorrock)
02 - Days On The Road* (Graeham Goble)
03 - Happy Anniversary (Beeb Birtles & David Briggs)
04 - Another Runway* (Beeb Birtles & Rick Formosa)
05 - Every Day Of My Life* (Beeb Birtles)
06 - Home On Monday (Glenn Shorrock & Beeb Birtles)
07 - The Inner Light (Graeham Goble)
08 - Broke Again* (Beeb Birtles & Graeham Goble)
09 - Take Me Home (Beeb Birtles)

Produced by John Boylan & Little River Band for Tumbleweeds Productions
*Produced by Little River Band for Tumbleweeds Productions
Engineered by Ross Cockle
Recorded at Armstrong Audio Video, Melbourne, Australia
Remix Engineer : Paul Grupp
Assistant Engineer : John Hodge
Remixed at Westlake Audio, Los Angeles, California

Little River Band :
Beeb Birtles : 2nd Lead Guitar & Acoustic Guitar, Harmony Vocal, Lead vocals on "Another Runway" & "Every Day Of My Life"
David Briggs : Lead, Slide & Acoustic Guitars
Graeham Goble : Acoustic & Electronic Rhythm Guitars, Harmony Vocal
George McArdle : Bass
Derek Pellicci : Drums & Percussion
Glenn Shorrock : Lead & Harmony Vocal

Strings & Brass Arranged & Conducted by Rick Formosa
Vocal Arrangements by Graeham Goble

Additional Musicians :
Eddy Denton : Cor Anglais
Peter Sullivan & Ian Mason : Piano
Tony Buchanan : Tenor Sax Alto
Graham Lyall : Flute
Rick Formosa : Lead Guitar on "Another Runway", "Every Day Of My Life" & "Days On The Road"