Jessi Colter "I'm Jessi Colter" (1975) -Country Rock-

Label : Capitol Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Is There Any Way (You'd Stay Forever) (Jessi Colter)
02 - I Hear A Song (Jessi Colter)
03 - Come On In (Jessi Colter)
04 - You Ain't Never Been Loved (Like I'm Gonna Love You) (Jessi Colter)
05 - Love's The Only Chain (Jessi Colter)
06 - I'm Not Lisa (Jessi Colter)
07 - For The First Time (Jessi Colter)
08 - Who Walks Thru Your Memory (Billy Jo) (Jessi Colter)
09 - What's Happened To Blue Eyes (Jessi Colter)
10 - Storms Never Last (Jessi Colter)

A Hometown Production
Produced by Ken Mansfield & Waylon Jennings
Musicians :
Guitars : Waylon Jennings, John Buck Wilkins & Reggie Young
Piano : Jessi Colter & Larry Muhoberac
Drums : Ritchie Albright
Bass : Duke Goff & Tommy Cogbill
Steel : Ralph Mooney & Weldon Myrick
Fiddle : Johnny Gimble
Horns : Jim Gordon, Dick 'Slyde' Hyde & Mack Johnson
Strings : Larry Muhoberac & Elmo Peeler
Vocals : Jessi Colter, Billy Ray Reynolds, Mari John Wilkins, John Buck Wilkins, Marge McMahon, Lee Montgomery, Bruce King, Lea Jane Berinati, Wendy Suits & Sharon Vaughn
Engineers : Kyle Lehning, John Mills, Tom Knox, Ben Tallent & Arnie Agosta
Studios : Glaser Sound Studios (Nashville) & Sound Factory (Los Angeles)