Bourgeois Tagg "Yoyo" (1987) -AOR-

 Label : Island Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Best Of All Possible Worlds (Larry Tagg)
02 - Cry Like A Baby (Brent Bourgeois)
03 - Pencil & Paper (Larry Tagg)
04 - Out Of My Mind (Brent Bourgeois)
05 - 15 Minutes In The Sun* (Larry Tagg & Brent Bourgeois)
06 - Waiting For The Worm To Turn* (Larry Tagg)
07 - I Don't Mind At All (Lyle Workman & Brent Bourgeois)
08 - What's Wrong With This Picture* (Larry Tagg, Lyle Workman & Eric Tagg)
09 - Stress (Brent Bourgeois & Charlie Peacock)
10 - Coma (Brent Bourgeois)

Produced by Todd Rundgren for Alchemedia Productions, Inc. in Association with Brent Bourgeois & Larry Tagg
Songs Arranged by Bourgeois Tagg & Todd Rundgren
Engineered by Todd Rundgren
Assistant Engineer at Studio D, Jim Watts Vereecke
Recorded at Utopia Sound Studios, Bearsville, NY & Studio D Recording, Sausalito, CA
Mixed by Todd Rundgren at Utopia Sound Studios

Bourgeois Tagg :
Brent Bourgeois : Keyboards, Lead vocals on All Songs except*
Larry Tagg : Bass & Lead vocals on *
Lyle Workman : Guitar
Scott Moon : Keyboards
Mike Urbano : Drums & Percussion

Additional Musicians :
Mingo Lewis : Percussion on "Best Of All Possible Worlds", "Pencil & Paper", "What's Wrong With This Picture"
The Coast String Quartest
John Tenney : Violin
Joseph Edelberg : 2nd Violin
Rebecca Sebring : Viola
Teresa Adams : Cello 
on "I Don't Mind At All" & "Coma"
Strings Arranged by Brent Bourgeois & Lyle Workman