Marie Osmond "I Only Wanted You" (1986) -Country Pop-

Label : Curb Records / Capitol Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Cry Just A Little (Paul Davis)
02 - I Only Wanted You (Tom Shapiro, Michael Garvin & Bucky Jones)
03 - You're Still New To Me (Paul Overstreet & Paul Davis)
04 - Making Magic (Thomas Campbell & Rory Michael Bourke)
05 - I Know The Feeling (Fred Knobloch & Dan Tyler)
06 - Your Love Carries Me Away (Kathie Baillie, Craig Bickhardt & Michael Bonagura Jr.)
07 - We're Gonna Need A Love Song (Fred Knobloch & Wood Newton)
08 - New Love (David Erwin & Herb McCullough)
09 - More Than Dancing (Larry Boone & Paul Nelson)
10 - Everybody's Crazy 'Bout My Baby (Mike Reid)

Produced by Paul Worley
Players :
Drums : Eddie Bayers & James Stroud
Bass : Michael Rhodes & Tom Robb
Acoustic Guitars : Larry Byrom & Paul Worley
Electric Guitars : Steve Gibson, Paul Worley except Kenny Mims on "Your Love Carries Me Away"
Piano : Dennis Burnside
Synthesizers : David Innis & Mike Lawler
Percussion : Tom Roady
Steel Guitar : Terry 'The Swede' Choate
Saxophone : Jim Horn
Duet on "You're Still New To Me" : Paul Davis
Background vocals : Jessica Boucher, Dennis Wilson, Thom Flora, Lisa Silver, Diane Tidwell, Paul Davis, Paul Worley except for Kathie Baillie, Michael Brook & Alan LeBoeuf on "Your Love Carries Me Away"
Recorded at Treasure Isle & Audio Media by Marshall Morgan
Additional Engineering by Bob Wright
Additional Recording by Hollis Halford
Mixed by Ed Seay, Assisted by Tom Harding & Tom Durr