Various Artists "Aloha Got Soul - Soul, AOR & Disco In Hawai'i 1979-1985" (2016) -Hawaiian Soft Rock-

Label : IK7 Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Countryside Beauty (Darryl Valdez) / Tender Leaf
02 - Yesterday's Love (Del Mendoza) / Aura
03 - Your Light (Michael Joao) / Aina
04 - Get That Happy Feeling (John Rapoza) / Lemuria
05 - Just Don't Come Back (David Rorick) / Roy & Roe
06 - Lady Of My Heart (Derek Elaban) / Hawaii
07 - Call Me (Hal Bradbury) / Hal Bradbury
08 - Love One Another (Mike Lundy) / Mike Lundy
09 - I Feel Like Getting Down (Waymon Checo) / Nova
10 - 'O' Kailua (D. Graue, Nohelani Cypriano, A. Alinikoff & B. Gearheart) / Nohelani Cypriano
11 - Kawaihae (Noland Kaleolikolani Conjugacion) / Brother Noland
12 - Kona Winds (Marvin Franklin) / Marvin Franklin with Kimo And The Guys
13 - Sparkle (Tatsuro Yamashita) / Greenwood
14 - Papa's Tita (Chuck Chock) / Chucky Boy Chock & Mike Kaawa with Brown Co.
15 - Kaho'olawe Song (Steve Maii) / Steve & Teresa
16 - Coast To Coast (Rockwell Fukino) / Rockwell Fukino

Compilation by Roger Bong
Mastered for CD by Peter Beckmann at Studio Technologyworks

01 - Countryside Beauty

Tender Leaf
Taken From The Tender Leaf Records LP "TENDER LEAF" (TL 82601)
Produced by Kit Ebersbach
1982 Tenderleaf Records

02 - Yesterday's Love

Taken From The Fusion Music, Inc. LP "AURA" (FMI 1004)
Produced by Gary Shimabukuro
1979 Fusion Music, Inc.

03 - Your Light

Taken From TheKumanu Music LP "LEAD ME TO THE GARDEN" (KM 1001)
Produced by Howard Shapiro
1980 Kumanu Music

04 - Get That Happy Feeling

Taken From The Heaven Reocrds LP "LEMURIA" (AL00001)
Produced & Arranged by Kirk Thompson
1978 Heaven Records

05 - Just Don't Come Back

Roy & Roe
Taken From The Bluewater Records LP "ROY & ROE" (BW-634)
Produced by Roy & Roe
Executive Producer : Tom Moffatt
1981 Bluewater Records

06 - Lady Of My Heart 

Taken From The Flying Island LP "OUT OF THE DARK" (SWL P8029)
Produced by Rick Keefer & Gaylord Holomalia
Co-Produced by Hawaii
Recorded at SeaWest Studios, Hawaii
1980 Flying Island

07 - Call Me

Hal Bradbury
Taken From The Fan Records LP "THIS IS LOVE" (FRS 0143)
Produced by Jimmy Funai for Bradbury Productions
1982 Fan Records

08 - Love One Another

Mike Lundy
Taken From The Secor Records LP "THE RYTHMN OF LIFE" (SLP 1001)
Produced by Gary Shimabukuro
1980 Secor Records

09 - I Feel Like Getting Down

Taken From The Awrite! LP "NOVA" (AW-101)
Produced by Waymon Checo
Recorded at Commercial Recording Hawaii, Honolulu
1980 Awrite!

10 - 'O' Kailua

Nohelani Cypriano
Taken From The HanaOla Records EP "NOHELANI CYPRIANO" (HOS-1000)
Produced by Michael Cord
1978 HanaOla Records

11 - Kawaihae

Brother Noland
Taken From The Solbrea Records LP "SPEAKING BROWN" (SP 501)
Produced by Noland Kaleolikolani Conjugacion, Robert Duarte & Karl A. Kawachi
1980 Solbrea Records

12 - Kona Winds

Marvin Franklin with Kimo And The Guys
Taken From The KKUA Records Compilation LP "HOMEGROWN III"
1978 KKUA Records

13 - Sparkle

Originally Released on Forest in Leaf Records 45 "SPARKLE" b/w 'Cheerleader "Strut"' (GW885)
Produced by Robin Kimura & Greenwood
1985 Forets in Leaf Records

14 - Papa's Tita

Chucky Boy Chock & Mike Kaawa with Brown Co.
Produced by Krash Kealoha
1981 KKP

15 - Kaho'olawe Song 

Steve & Teresa 
Taken From The Keaholi Productions LP "CATCHING A WAVE" (KP-101)
Produced by Steve Maii & Teresa Bright
Recorded Live by Rick Seefer at SeaWest Hawaii
1983 Kealohi Productions

16 - Coast To Coast

Rockwell Fukino
Taken From The Ivory Coast Records LP "COAST TO COAST" (SDWR 8033)
Produced by Rockwell D. Fukino & Gaylord Holomalia
Recorded at SeaWest Studio, Hauula
1981 Ivory Coast