Phil Collins "Both Sides" (1993) -Soft Rock /Adult Contemporary-

Label : Atlantic Recording Corporation

Drapeau du Royaume-Uni 01 - Both Sides Of The Story (Phil Collins)
02 - Can't Turn Back The Years (Phil Collins)
03 - Everyday (Phil Collins)
04 - I've Forgotten Everything (Phil Collins)
05 - We're Sons Of Our Fathers (Phil Collins)
06 - Can't Find My Way (Phil Collins)
07 - Survivors (Phil Collins)
08 - We Fly So Close (Phil Collins)
09 - There's A Place For Us (Phil Collins)
10 - We Wait And We Wonder (Phil Collins)
11 - Please Come Out Tonight (Phil Collins)

Written, Produced & Performed by Phil Collins
Engineered by Paul Gomersall
Assisted by Mark Robinson
Continuous surveillance by Geoff Callingham & Mike Bowen
All Instruments Played by Phil Collins
Apart from the Drum Machine everything was played live
Recorded at home on 12 track, (PC engineering) with additional overdubs recorded at The Farm, Surrey, England
Mastered by Bob Ludwig, Gateway Studios, USA