Blue Sky Riders "Why Not" (2015) -Country Rock / Contemporary Country-

Label : 3Dream Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - What Went Right (Blue Sky Riders)
02 - Why Not (Blue Sky Riders)
03 - The Rodeo (Blue Sky Riders)
04 - No Tomorrow Tonight (Blue Sky Riders)
05 - Nothing Matters More Than Love (Blue Sky Riders)
06 - No Fool Like An Old Fool (Blue Sky Riders)
07 - Flyin' Dreams (Blue Sky Riders)
08 - I'm Lucky Like That (Blue Sky Riders)
09 - Whatever Happened To (Blue Sky Riders)
10 - What's So Great About Love (Blue Sky Riders)
11 - Zero Miles To Empty (Blue Sky Riders)
12 - Thank You (For Reminding Me) (Blue Sky Riders)

Blue Sky Riders : Kenny Loggins, Georgia Middleman & Gary Burr

Vocals : Kenny Loggins, Georgia Middleman & Gary Burr
Acoustic Guitar : Kenny Loggins, Georgia Middleman, Gary Burr, Jesse Siebenberg, Shawn Tubbs, Jimmy Olander & Pat Buchanan
Electric Guitar : Scott Bernard, Kenny Loggins, Pat Buchanan, Tom Bukovac & Jesse Siebenberg
Keyboards : Mike Rojas
Bass : Michal Rhodes, Gary Burr & Jesse Siebenberg
Upright Bass : Barry Bales
Drums : Dan Needham & Jesse Siebenberg
Roland VG8 Guitar Synth : Jesse Siebenberg
Dulcimer : Georgia Middleman
Dobro : Chad Jeffers
Harmonica : Tom Ball
Accordion : Mike Rojas
Fiddle : Aubrey Haynie
Banjo : Ilya Toshinsky
Mandolin : Gary Burr & Forrest O'Connor
Pedal Steel : Jesse Siebenberg
Lap Slide : Jesse Siebenberg
Percussion : Kenny Loggins, Gary Burr, Jesse Siebenberg & Nathaniel Kunkel
Additional Vocals on "Thank You (For Reminding Me)" by The Kickstarter Chorus

Produced by Blue Sky Riders
Executive Producer : Chris Stewart
Recorded in Nashville, TN at Blackbird Studio, Sound Emporium Studios & Ocean Way Nashville
Recorded in Ojai, CA at Brotheryn Studios
Engineers : Greg Droman, Jason Mariani & Mike Stankiewicz
Assistant Engineers : Lowell Reynolds, Kolton Lee, Joshua Ditty & Amanda Miller
All Songs Mixed by Nathaniel Kunkel except "I'm Lucky Like That", "Flying Dreams" & "Why Not" Mixed by Joe Zook
Mastered by Paul Logus