Becky "Look By Faith" (1979) -CCM-

Label : Light Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Tell All The World (Becky Ugartechea)
02 - All You Gotta Do (Becky Ugartechea)
03 - It's So Easy (Becky Ugartechea)
04 - Tho He Be High (Becky Ugartechea)
05 - We Will See Him (Becky Ugartechea)
06 - Little Bit Of Faith (Becky Ugartechea)
07 - Look By Faith (Becky Ugartechea)
08 - Antichrist (Don't Be Fooled) (Becky Ugartechea)
09 - Shepherd's Song (Becky Ugartechea)
10 - Our Father's Love (Becky Ugartechea)

Produced by Al Perkins
Engineered by Jack Joseph Puig at Martinsound Studio, Alhambra, CA
Mastered at MCA/Whitney, Glendale, CA by Steve Hall
Horn Arrangements : David Diggs
String Arrangements : Greg Nelson

The Musicians :
James Kehn : Drums
David MacKay : Bass
Richard Souther : Keyboards
Randy Mitchell : Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Becky Ugartechea : Acoustic Guitar
Alex MacDougall : Percussion
Al Perkins : Steel Guitar

The Singers :
Dan Collins
Jamie Owens-Collins
Buddy Owens
Mike Ugartechea
Bili Thedford
Dona Thedford
Phyllis St. James