Stacy Lattisaw "Sneakin' Out" (1982) - Westcoast Funk Soul-

Label : Cottillion Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Sneakin' Out (Narada Michael Walden, Randy Jackson & Bunny Hull)
02 - Guys Like You (Give Love A Bad Name) (Larry Cox & Bill Purse)
03 - Memories (Narada Michael Walden & Jeff Cohen)
04 - Tonight I'm Gonna Make You Mine (Narada Michael Walden & Jeff Cohen)
05 - Hey There Lonely Boy (Earl Shuman & Leon Carr)
06 - Don't Throw It All Away (Gary Benson & David Richard Mindel)
07 - Attack Of The Name Game (Narada Michael Walden & Jeff Cohen)
08 - I'm Down For You (Narada Michael Walden, Pam Covington & Bunny Hull)
09 - I Could Love You So Divine (Narada Michael Walden & Jeff Cohen)

Produced by Narada Michael Walden for Perfection Light Productions
Studios :
The Automatt, San Francisco
Room 10 Recording Studios, Wash, D.C.
The Record Plant, Los Angeles
Engineers : David Frazer, Leslie Ann Jones & Tom McCarthy
"Attack Of The Name Game" & "I Could Love You So Divine" Mixed by Tom McCarthy
2nd Engineers : Wayne Lewis, Maureen Droney & Eddie Delena
Mastered by Paul Stubblebine at The Automatt Studios

Stacy Lattisaw : All Lead vocals

Musicians :
Narada Michael Walden : Drums, Keyboards & Percussion
Randy Jackson : Bass
Frank Martin : Keyboards & Synthesizers
Corrado Rustici : Guitars
'Joe Bob' Castell-Blanch : Guitars
Sheila E. : Additional Percussion

Background vocals : Jim Gilstrap, John Lehman, Roy Galloway, Myrna Matthews, Cathy Miller & Kelly Kool
Horn Arranger : Jerry Hey
Horns :
Jerry Hey : Trumpet
Marc Russo : Alto Sax
Gary Herbig : Tenor Sax
Strings Arranged & Conducted by Michael Gibbs

Additional Musicians :
On "Sneakin' Out" 
Frank Martin : Synthesizer Solo
Andre Lewis : Vocoder
Horns Arranged by Jerry Hey & Narada Michael Walden
Jerry Lattisaw : Little Boy's Voice
On "Guys Like You (Give Love A Bad Name)"
Frank Martin : Synthesizer Solo
Linda Tillery, Kelly Kool, Michael Jefferies & Frank Martin : S.F. Background vocals
On "Tonight I'm Gonna Make You Mine"
Kelly Kool & Frank Martin : Background vocals
Horns Arranged by Jerry Hey & Narada Michael Walden
On "Hey There Lonely Boy" 
Linda Tillery & Kelly Kool : Background vocals
On "Attack Of The Name Game"
Patrick Cowley : Synthesizer Effects
Jeff Cohen : Marian Voice
Corrado Rustici : Space Guitar
On "I'm Down For You" 
Sheila E. : Conga Solo  
Joaquain Lievane : Guitar Solo
On "I Could Love You So Divine"
Kelly Kool : Opera high note on ending