Turley Richards "West Virginia Superstar" (1976) -Country Rock / AOR-

Label : Epic Records

01 - I Will** (Troy Seals & Eddie Seber)
02 - Happy (Turley Richards)
03 - New Ray Of Sunshine* (Turley Richards)
04 - Love Is On The Line (Troy Seals, Will Jennings & Dan Goodman)
05 - Going Home** (Turley Richards)
06 - West Virginia Superstar* (Turley Richards)
07 - From Dust To Blood (Turley Richards)
08 - Play Me* (Turley Richards)
09 - Reflections Of Me And You (Turley Richards)
10 - What Does It Mean In The End (Turley Richards)

Produced by Ron Bledsoe & Troy Seals
Assisted by Turley Richards
Recorded at Quadrafonics Sound Studio, Nashville, Tennessee
Engineered by Gene Eichelberger
*String Arrangement by David Briggs
**String Arrangement by Sanchez Harley
Musicians : Jesse Boyce, David Briggs, Johnny Christopher, Dan Haerle, Teddy Irwin, Shane Keister, Tim Krekel, Jack Lane, Kenny Malone, Norbert Putnam, Donald Sanders, Chuck Smith & Reggie Young
Background vocals by Turley Richards
*Background vocals by Lea Jane Berinati, Ginger Holladay, Janie Fricke & Charnissa Butts