Rupert Holmes "Partners In Crime" (1979) -Soft Rock-

 Label : Infinity Records / Geffen Records

Drapeau du Royaume-Uni 01 - Escape (The Pina Colada Song) (Rupert Holmes)
02 - Partners In Crime (Rupert Holmes)
03 - Nearsighted (Rupert Holmes)
04 - Lunch Hour (Rupert Holmes)
05 - Drop It (Rupert Holmes)
06 - Him (Rupert Holmes)
07 - Answering Machine (Rupert Holmes)
08 - The People That You Never Get To Love (Rupert Holmes)
09 - Get Outta Yourself (Rupert Holmes)
10 - In You I Trust (Rupert Holmes)

Produced by Rupert Holmes & Jim Boyer For The Holmes Line Of Records
Arranged by Rupert Holmes
Engineered by Jim Boyer
Recorded at Plaza Sound Studios, New York City
Associate Engineer : Eric Bloch
Mixed by Jim Boyer
Mixed at A&R Recording Studios, New York City
Associate Engineer : Ollie Cotton
Mastered at Sterling Sound by Ted Jensen

Musicians :
Leo Adamian : Drums
Dean Bailin : All Guitars & Solos on "Lunch Hour", "Nearsighted", "In You I Trust" & "Drop It"
Frank Gravis : Electric Bass
Rupert Holmes : All Vocals, Keyboards, Saxophone, Synthesizers & Solos on "Partners In Crime & "Him"
Victoria : All Percussion
Steve Jordan with Leo Adamian : Double Drums on "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)"
Peter Gordon : French Horn
Wayne Andre : Trombone
Dave Taylor : Bass Trombone
The Gene Orloff Section : Strings
Bob Gurland : Voice Trumpet on "Get Outta Yourself"
Chrissy Faith : Background vocals on "Answering Machine"