Paul Smith "Human Touch" (1991) -CCM-

Label : Star Song Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - I've Got Love+ (David Martin)
02 - The Difference* (Joe Hogue, Paul Smith & Jon Sheberg)
03 - Triumph Over Me+ (Paul Smith & Chris Eaton)
04 - Don't Give Up+ (Chris Eaton)
05 - Pride And The Prejudice* (Paul Smith & Mark H. Chesshir)
06 - The Human Touch* (Paul Smith, Bruce Carroll & Becky Thurman)
07 - Under A Moonlit Night+ (Chris Eaton)
08 - Man Of God* (Paul Smith, Bruce Carroll & Dwight Lilies)
09 - Compassion+ (Paul Smith & Chris Eaton)
10 - Lady In My Life* (Paul Smith)

+Produced by Chris Eaton
*Produced & Engineered by Bret Teegarden
Executive Producer : Dez Dickerson

+Arrangements by Chris Eaton
*Arrangements by Joe Hogue, Kip Summers, Paul Smith & Carl Marsh

Recorded at :
+Goldmine, Nashville, TN by Bret Teegarden
*Quad Studios, Nashville, TN
Assistant Engineer : Randy Gargom
*Duckworth Studios, Nashville, TN

Mixed & Mastered at Master Mix, Nashville, TN
Mixed by Coke Johnson
Assistant Engineers : Tim Farmer & Greg Parker
Mastering Engineer : Ken Love

All Lead vocals : Paul Smith

+Musicians :
Drums, Bass & Keyboards : Chris Eaton
Drum Overdubs : Lang Bliss
Additional Keyboard Programming : Skip Summers
Guitars : Jerry McPherson & Chris Rodriguez
Saxophone : Mark Douthit
Background vocals : Chris Eaton, Chris Rodriguez & Marty McCall

*Musicians :
Keyboards : Joe Hogue, Skip Summers & Carl Marsh
Fairlight : Carl Marsh
Drums : Steve Brewster
Percussion : Eric Darken
Guitars : Jerry McPherson
Gut String Guitar Solo on "Human Touch" : Mark Baldwin
Bass Guitar : Gary Lunn
Background vocals : Chris Rodriguez, Jimmy Marks & Joe Hogue
Boys Choir on "Pride And The Prejudice" : Jeremy Cowart, Joel Dennis, Trevor Haley, Asher Larrison, Gabriel Patillo, Noel Rose & Thad Taylor
Directed by Joe Hogue