Original Soundtrack Album "Nothing In Common" (1986) -Various-

Label : Arista Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Nothing In Common (Tom Bailey & Alannah Currie)
02 - Burning Of The Heart (Patrick Leonard & Kathy Wakefield)
03 - If It Wasn't Love (Patrick Leonard & Kathy Wakefield)
04 - Over The Weekend (Nick Heyward)
05 - Loving Strangers (David's Theme From 'Nothing In Common') (Patrick Leonard, Christopher Cross & John Bettis)
06 - Until You Say You Love Me (Narada Michael Walden & Pretson Glass)
07 - Don't Forget To Dance (Ray Davies)
08 - No One's Gonna Love You (Billy Smith, Marquis Dair, Leon F. Sylvers III & Dominic Leslie)
09 - Seven Summers (Tito Larriva)
10 - Instrumental Theme (Patrick Leonard)

Music Supervisor : Danny Bramson
With Special Thanks to Tim Sexton
Music Coordinator : Leslie Morris 

01 - Nothing In Common 

Performed by Thompson Twins
Produced by Geoffrey Downes & Tom Bailey

02 - Burning Of The Heart 

Performed by Richard Marx
Produced by Patrick Leonard

03 - If It Wasn't Love 

Performed by Carly Simon
Produced by Patrick Leonard

04 - Over The Weekend 

Performed by Nick Heyward
Produced by Graham Sacher & Nick Heyward

05 - Loving Strangers (David's Theme From 'Nothing In Common') 

Performed by Christopher Cross
Produced by Patrick Leonard

06 - Until You Say You Love Me 

Performed by Aretha Franklin
Produced by Narada Michael Walden

07 - Don't Forget To Dance 

Performed by The Kinks
Produced by Ray Davies

08 - No One's Gonna Love You 

Performed by Real To Reel
Produced by Aaron Zigman, Ed Eckstine & Leon F. Sylvers III

09 - Seven Summers 

Performed by Cruzados
Produced by Rodney Mills

10 - Instrumental Theme

Performed by Patrick Leonard
Produced by Patrick Leonard