Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack "Back To School" (1986) -Soft Rock / Various-

Label : MCA Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Back To School (Mark Leonard & Richard Wolf)
02 - Educated Girl (Randy Goodrum & Bobby Caldwell)
03 - Learnin' And Livin'** (Eddie Schwartz & Dave Tyson)
04 - Everybody's Crazy*** (Michael Bolton)
05 - I'll Never Forget Your Face*** (Richard Wolf & Wayne Perkins)
06 - Twist And Shout (Bert Russell & Phil Medley)
07 - Dead Man's Party+ (Danny Elfman)
08 - On My Way** (Eddie Schwartz & Dave Tyson)
09 - Respect (Otis Redding)

Album Produced by Linda Goldner Perry
Executive Producer : Alan Metter
"Back To School" Mixed by Greg Edwards & Shelly Yakus at Studio55, Los Angeles, CA
"Twist And Shout Mixed by Michael Fondelli & Shelly Yakus at A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Precision Lacquer, Los Angeles, CA

01 - Back To School

Performed by Jude Cole
Produced by Gary Skardina & Linda Goldner Perry

02 - Educated Girl

Performed by Bobby Caldwell
Guitar : Steve Lukather
Produced by Randy Goodrum & Bobby Caldwell

03 - Learnin' And Livin'

Performed by Tyson & Schwartz
Produced by Dave Tyson & Eddie Schwartz
Executive Producers : Frank Davies & Linda Goldner Perry

04 - Everybody's Crazy

Performed by Michael Bolton
Produced by Neil Kernon & Michael Bolton
Executive Producer : Louis Levin

05 - I'll Never Forget Your Face

Performed by Phillip Ingram
Produced by Richard Wolf

06 - Twist And Shout

Performed by Rodney Dangerfield
Produced by Steve Stone & Linda Golnder Perry

07 - Dead Man's Party

Performed by Oingo Boingo
Produced by Danny Elfman & Steve Bartek

08 - On My Way

Performed by Tyson & Schwartz
Produced by Dave Tyson & Eddie Schwartz
Executive Producer : Frank Davies 

09 - Respect

Performed by Aretha Franklin
Produced by Jerry Wexler