David Cassidy "Cherish" (1972) -Soft Rock-

Label : Bell Records / Arista Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Being Together (Tony Romeo)
02 - I Just Wanna Make You Happy (Wes Farrell & Bobby Hart)
03 - Could It Be Forever (Wes Farrell & Danny Janssen)
04 - Blind Hope (Adam Miller)
05 - I Lost My Chance (Adam Miller)
06 - My First Night Alone Without You (Kin Vassy)
07 - We Could Never Be Friends ('Cause We've Been Lovers Too Long) (Tony Romeo)
08 - Where Is The Morning (Adam Miller)
09 - I Am A Clown (Tony Romeo)
10 - Cherish* (Terry Kirkman)
11 - Ricky's Tune (David Cassidy)

Produced by Wes Farrell for Coral Rock Productions, Inc.
Rhythm Track Arranged by Wes Farrell
Strings & Horns Arranged by Mike Melvoin
Vocal Background Arranged by John Bahler
*Vocal Background Arranged by Al Capp
Recorded at Western Recorders (Studio 2), Los Angeles
Engineered by Bob Kovach
Assistant Engineer : Winston Wong

Musicians :
Drums : Hal Blaine
Piano : Mike Melvoin
Bass : Max Bennett & Reinie Press
Guitar : Dennis Budimir, Louie Shelton, Tommy Tedesco & Larry Carlton