Randy Crawford "Abstract Emotions" (1986) -Pop Soul-

Label : Warner Bros. Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Can't Stand The Pain (Dean Gant & Mark Winkler)
02 - Actual Emotional Love (Billie Hughes, Roxanne Seemann & Marcy Levy)
03 - World Of Fools (Rolf Graf & Alix Zandra)
04 - Betcha (Reggie Lucas & Leslie Smith)
05 - Higher Than Anyone Can Count (Mary Unobsky & Daniel Ironstone)
06 - Desire (Reggie Lucas)
07 - Gettin' Away With Murder (Sue Shifrin & Terry Britten)
08 - Overnight (Reggie Lucas)
09 - Almaz (Randy Crawford)
10 - Don't Wanna Be Normal* (Patrick Leonard, David 'Hawk' Wolinski, James Newton Howard, David Pack & Michael McDonald)

Produced & Arranged by Reggie Lucas For Kalisa Inc.
Engineered by Joe Ferla
Additional Engineering : Jim Dougherty, Jay Marks & Alan Silverman
Recorded & Mixed at Quantum Sound Studios, New Jersey
Additional Recording at Giant Sound Studios & Sigma Sound Studios, New York City
DMM Direct Digital Mastering
Assistant Engineers : Jimmy Santos, Glenn Rosenstein, Jeff Cox & Craig Johnson
Keyboards & Synthesizers : Sir Grant, Ed Walsh, Fred Zarr & Harry Whittaker
Guitars : Reggie Lucas
Percussion : Bashiri Johnson & Leslie Ming
Electric Bass Guitar : Anthony Jackson
Background vocals : Norma Jean Wright, Brenda White King, Lisa Fisher, Yvonne Lewis & Curtis King
Synclavier II & Octave-Plateau Sequencer Programming : Reggie Lucas
Synthesizer Programming : Sir Gant & Ed Walsh
*"Don't Wanna Be Normal" (From The Warner Bros.Motion Picture & Soundtrack Album WILDCATS")
Produced by David 'Hawk' Wolinski & James Newton Howard
Engineered by Ray Blair
Mixed by Peter Doell
Guitars : Paul Jackson Jr.
Keyboards Programming & Performed by James Newton Howard & David "Hawk" Wolinski
Additional Synthesizer : Patrick Leonard