Lee Greenwood "Inside And Out" (1982) -Contemporary Country-

Label : Panorama Records / MCA Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - A Love Song (Lee Greenwood)
02 - Ring On Her Finger, Time On Her Hands (Don Goodman, Pam Rose & Mary Ann Kennedy)
03 - I Don't Want To Be A Memory (Lee Greenwood & Aaron Wilburn)
04 - Ain't No Trick (It Takes Magic) (Steve Pippin & Jim Hurt)
05 - It Turns Me Inside Out (Jan Crutchfield)
06 - She's Lying (Jan Crutchfield)
07 - Home Away From Home (Lee Greenwood)
08 - Love Don't Get No Better Than This (Jan Crutchfield)
09 - Thank You For Changing My Life (Lee Greenwood)
10 - Broken Pieces Of My Heart (Jan Crutchfield)

Produced by Jerry Crutchfield
Recording Engineers : Billy Sherrill, Charlie Talent, Warren Peterson & Ernie Winfrey
Remix Engineer : Ernie Winfrey
Mastering Engineer : Hank Williams
Recorded at Sound Emporium Studio, Sound Stage Studio, Sound Shop Studio & Woodland Sound Studio in Nashville, Tennessee
Remixed at Sound Shop Studio in Nashville, Tennessee
Mastered at Woodland Sound Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Musicians :
Pete Bordonali : Guitar
Jerry Carrigan : Drums
Steve Gibson : Guitar
Weldon Myrick : Steel Guitar
Pig Robbins : Piano
Belly Sanford : Guitar
Jerry Shook : Guitar
Steve Schaffer : Bass
Pete Wade : Guitar
Jack Williams : Bass
Farrell Morris : Percussion

The Shelly Kurland Strings & The Nashville String Machine Arranged by Bergen White

Background vocals : Sheri Huffman, Lisa Silver, Diane Tidwell, Greg Gordon, Bergen White, Larry Stewart & Phil Forrest