Steve & Annie Chapman "Steve & Annie Chapman" (1981) -CCM-

Label : Star Song Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Ain't Gonna Listen (Steve Chapman)
02 - Daddy, Please Find A Reason (Steve & Annie Chapman)
03 - Fadeless Love (Steve & Annie Chapman)
04 - You Will Always Be Mine (Steve & Annie Chapman)
05 - I Am What You Are (Steve Chapman)
06 - He Has Given Us His Name (Steve Chapman)
07 - Things Are Lookin' Right (Steve Chapman)
08 - You Alone Are Good (Steve & Annie Chapman)
09 - May You Never Boast (Steve & Annie Chapman)
10 - The Secret Place (Steve Chapman)
11 - I Believe I Was There (Steve Chapman)
12 - I Will Never Turn Back (Grisham, Arranged by Steve Chapman)

Produced by Steve Chapman in Association with Brian Tankersley
Engineered by Brian Tankersley
Recorded at Rivendell Sound Recorders in Pasadena, Texas
Overdub Sessions Recorded at Oak Valley & Island Recording Studio in Nashville, Tennessee
Engineered by Fred Cameron & Dave Heiranymous
Mixed at Rivendell Sound Recorders
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York, NY 

Musicians :