Vickie Winans "Total Victory" (1989) -CCM-

Label : Light Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Victory (Marvin Winans)
02 - Stay With Me (Donny McCluckin)
03 - Statue Of Liberty (Neil Enloe)
04 - The Lord Will Make A Way (Marvin Winans)
05 - Keep On Climbing (Marvin Winans)
06 - Turning It Over To You (Marvin Winans)
07 - Everyday With Jesus (Steven Ford, Marvin Winans & Vickie Winans)
08 - God Of Comfort (Marvin & Vickie Winans)

Produced by Marvin L. Winans
Co-Producer : Vickie Winans
Executive Producer : Alan Abrahams
Engineers : Ron Christopher & Rick Keller
Assistant Engineers : Brett Richardson & Jeff Tomei
Recorded at Selah Studios, Detroit, Michigan ; Master Sound, Atlanta, Georgia & Sigma Studio, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Recorded & Mixed by Ron Christopher, Marvin Winans & Vickie Winans
Mixed at Master Sound Digital Recording, Atlanta, Georgia

Keyboards / Synthesizers : Marvin Winans, Kenny Eldridge, Donnie McClurkin, Steven Ford & Rick Keller
Drums & Drum Programs : Jeff Davis, Mario Winans & Rick Keller
Guitar : Tim Bowman
Percussion : Rick Keller & Mario Winans
Saxophone : Skipp Pruitt
String Arrangements & Overdubs by Steven Ford
All Songs Arranged by Marvin Winans, Steven Ford & Vickie Winans
Background vocals : Andrea McClurkin, Donnie McClurkin, Sheila Ravenel, Carol Carter, Marvie Wright, Vickie Winans, BeBe Winans, Vivian Crockett, Iona Locke & CeCe Winans-Love
Choir : Kenny Hickson, Momma Winans, Skeeter Winans, Coconut Winans, Debbie Winans, Kimmy Clifton, Donnie McClurkin, Andrea McClurkin, BeBe Winans, Bryan Bowman, Nay Nay Flowers, Cindy Flowers, Bucky Flowers, Sheila Ravenel, Marvie Wright, Vivian Crockett, Anthony Crockett, Donita Davis & Iona Locke