Morning Star "Heart Of A Servant" (1986) -CCM-

Label : Straight Heart Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Where Could I Go (Jeffrey A. Meador & John Andrew Schreiner)
02 - You've Got To Love Somebody (Rob Sterling)
03 - Read It For Yourself (Gaylen Paul)
04 - Time's A Wastin' (Jeffrey A. Meador & John Andrew Schreiner)
05 - In The World (Gary Floyd)
06 - Heart Of A Servant (Keith Troup)
07 - Friend Of A Friend (Laura Harding)
08 - Angel Of Light (Gaylen Paul)
09 - Move On Up The Mountain (David Baroni)
10 - Serving You (Danny Davis)

Executive Producer : Tim Archer
Produced by Tim Archer & Dan Cutrona
Rhythm Tracks Produced & Arranged by John Andrew Schreiner
Vocal Arrangements by Tim Archer, Steve Archer & Dan Cutrona
Engineered by Skip Konte, Tim Jaquette & Willie Harlan
Keyboards : John Andrew Schreiner with Dan Cutrona on "Time's A Wastin'"
Guitar : Prince Robinson & Bob Somma
Bass : Keith Nelson & Tim Jaquette
Drums : Dave Spurr
Percussion : Dave Spurr & Bob Somma
Background vocals : Gene Miller, Tim Archer, Steve Archer, Gary Floyd, Denise Graves & Morning Star with Howard Smith on "Where Could I Go"
Recorded at Front Page, Studio Masters & Rockshire

Morning Star :
Lee Matthews : Vocals
Rickey Baxley : Vocals
Juddy Harris : Vocals
Chris Springer : Vocals
Jesse Conte : Vocals

And Al Hebert with Jeff Meador