Keith Green "Songs For The Shepherd" (1982) -CCM-

Label : Sparrow Records / Pretty Good Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - The Lord Is My Shepherd (Melody Green & King David of Jerusalem - Adapted by Melody Green & Keith Green)
02 - You Are The One! (Keith Green & Melody Green)
03 - How Majestic Is Thy Name (Keith Green & King David of Jerusalem - Adapted by Keith Green)
04 - Draw Me (Keith Green & Melody Green)
05 - Glory Lord Jesus (Keith Green)
06 - There Is A Redeemer (Melody Green)
07 - The Promise Song (Keith Green & Melody Green)
08 - Until That Final Day (Keith Green)
09 - Jesus Is Lord Of All (Keith Green)
10 - O God Our Lord (Keith Green)
11 - I Will Give Thanks To The Lord (Melody Green & King David of Jerusalem - Adapted by Melody Green)
12 - Holy, Holy, Holy (John B. Dykes & Reginald Huber - Arrangement by Keith Green)

Produced by Bill Maxwell & Keith Green
Strings & Orchestra Arranged And Conducted by Harlan Rogers
Played by The London National Philharmonic Orchestra
Concert Master : Sidney Sax
Tracks Arranged by Keith Green & Bill Maxwell
Piano by Keith Green (except intro on "The Lord Is My Shepherd" Played by Harlan Rogers)
Drums by Bill Maxwell (except "I Will Give Thanks To The Lord" Played by Alex Acuna)
Bass by Abraham Laboriel
All Guitars by Hadley Hockensmith (except Acoustic Guitar on "The Promise Song" Played by Keith Green)
Fender Rhodes Played by Harlan Rogers (except on "The Promise Song" Played by Keith Green)
Percussion Played by Alex Acuna & Bill Maxwell
Synthesizer by Tom Keene (except solo on "Glory Lord Jesus" Played by Keith Green)
Steel Guitar on "Draw Me" by Al Perkins
Flute on "The Promise Song" by Steve Tavaglione
Background vocals by Linda McCrary, Alfie Silas, Howard Smith & Keith Green (Harmonies on "The Promise Song" by Carvin Winans & Keith Green)
Vocal Solo at the end of "O God Our Lord" sung by Linda McCrary
Tracks Recorded at Weddington Studios, North Hollywood, CA
Engineered by Gordon Shryock, Assistant, Wally Grant
Overdubs Recorded at Paramount Recorders, Hollywood, CA
Engineered by Peter Hayden
And at I.A.M. Recording Studios, Irving, CA
Engineered by Willie Harlan
Orchestra Recorded at Olympic Recording Studios, London, England
Engineered by Keith Grant
Mixed at Weddington Studios by Gordon Shryock, Bill Maxwell & Keith Green (Assistant : Wally Grant)
Mastered by Steve Hall at MCA/Whitney