Andrus Blackwood & Co "Step Out Of The Night" (1982) -CCM / Westcoast Rock-

Label : Greentree Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - No You May Not (Phil Johnson & Smitty Price)
02 - Step Out Of The Night (Phil Johnson & Randy Goodrum)
03 - Stone's Throw Away (Phil Johnson)
04 - Live It From Day To Day (Hadley Hockensmith & Bob Cotton)
05 - Without Love (John Rosasco & Keith Stegall)
06 - Wake The Town (David Baroni & Niles A. Borop III)
07 - Comin' Back (Hadley Hockensmith)
08 - Better Than I Know Myself (Judy MacKenzie & David Cook)
09 - More Like You (Hadley Hockensmith & Bruce Hibbard)
10 - Shine (If You Care) (Keith Thomas)

Produced by Phil Johnson
Production Assistance : Smitty Price, Sherman Andrus & Terry Blackwood
Recorded at Weddington Studios, N. Hollywood, CA / Soundstage Studios, Nashville, TN
Engineers : Bob Cotton & Warren Peterson
Overdubs Recorded by Warren Peterson, Smitty Price & Wally Grant
Remixed by Warren Peterson at Soundstage Studios, Nashville, TN
Second Engineers for Overdubs & Remix : Vicky Hicks & Lee Groitzsch
"Comin' Back", "Live It From Day To Day" & "More Like You" Tracks Arranged by Hadley Hockensmith
All Other Tracks Arranged by Smitty Price
Mastered by Hank Williams at Woodland Studio, Nashville, TN

Andrus, Blackwood & Co :
Sherman Andrus : Vocals
Terry Blackwood : Vocals

Musicians :