Mike Love "Looking Back With Love" (1981) -Soft Rock-

Label : The Boardwalk Records, Inc.

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Looking Back With Love* (Jim Studer, C. Thomas & D. Parker)
02 - On And On And On (B. Andersson & B. Ulvaeus)
03 - Runnin' Around The World (J. Haymer& B. Aaronson)
04 - Over And Over (R.J. Byrd)
05 - Rockin' The Man In The Boat (Jim Studer, J. Arnold & M. Brady)
06 - Calender Girl (Neil Sedaka & H. Greenfield)
07 - Be My Baby (Ellen Greenwich, John Barry & Phil Spector)
08 - One Good Reason (Jim Studer & M. Brady)
09 - Teach Me Tonight (S. Cahn & G. DePaul)
10 - Paradise Found (Mike Love & Jim Studer)

Produced by Curt Becher
*Produced by Jim Studer & Assisted by Curt Becher
Mixed by Joel W. Moss & Curt Becher
Assisted by Doug Perry
Engineers : Joel W. Moss, Jerry Nelson, Daniel  Protheroe, Bill Fletcher, Avi Kipper & Doug Perry
Second Engineers for Mobile Unit : Cecil Gaspar
Studios : W.A.V.E.S. Mobile Studio in Santa Barbara ; Sound Good Recordings in West Los Angeles ; Condos Ridge in Santa Barbara & Hit City West in Los Angeles
Mix-Down : Smoketree in Chatsworth
Arranger : Jim Studer for Tracks & Vocals on All Tunes except "Over And Over" & "Be My Baby"
"Be My Baby" & "Over And Over" Tracks & Vocals Arranged by Curt Becher 
Contractor : Joel W. Moss

Musicians :
On All Tracks except "Over And Over" &"Be My Baby" :
Scott Blair : Drums
Michael Brady : Bass
Jim Studer : Keyboards & Synthesizer
On "Over And Over" &"Be My Baby" :
Brent Nelson : Drums
David White : Bass
Larry Fox : Keyboards & Synthesizer
Doug Heath : Guitar
Vocals : On All Tunes except "Over And Over" : Jim Studer, Michael Brady, Craig Thomas & Little Help from Curt Becher
On "Over And Over" &"Be My Baby" : Larry Fox, Brent Nelson &  Curt Becher
On "Looking Back With Love" : Michael Brady, Craig Thomas, Jim Studer, Bruce Johnston, Curt Becher, Larry Fox& Brent Nelson
Additional Arrangements on  "Looking Back With Love" : Curt Becher & Bruce Johnston
Guest Vocals on "Paradise Found" : Joanie Sommers
Additional Percussion : Paulinho Da Costa
Additional Synthesizer : Larry Fox, Rick Johnston, Blair Aaronson & Craig Harris
Vocoder : Craig Harris
Harmonica Solo : Tommy Morgan
Pedal Steel : Jay Dee Maness
Saxophone Solo : Craig Thomas
Additional Guitar : George Doering
String & Horn Arrangements : Joe Romano