Glad "No Less Than All" (1983) -CCM-

 Label : Greentree Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Once And For All (Bob Kauflin & Ed Nalle)
02 - Maker Of My Heart (Bob Kauflin)
03 - More Than Just A Little Bit (Bob Kauflin & Ed Nalle)
04 - Forget Me Not (Bob Kauflin & Ed Nalle)
05 - Most Of The Time (Bob Kauflin & Ed Nalle)
06 - Born To Be Broken (Bob Kauflin & Ed Nalle)
07 - Celebrate (Michael Kelly Blanchard)
08 - All Times Are His Seasons (Bob Kauflin)
09 - That Hymn Thing (Variations On A Hymn) (Arr. Bob Kauflin & Ed Nalle)

Produced by Ed Nalle with Glad
Executive Producer : George King
Engineers : Billy Brady (T.J.R.), Joe Hardy & John Hampton
Mixed by Billy Brady & Ed Nalle at Omega Studios
Recorded at Ardent Recording Studios, Memphis, TN & Omega Studios, Kensington, MD
Mastered by Larry Nix at Ardent
Lice Sound : Julie Kauflin
Strings Arranged by Bob Kauflin & Ed Nalle on "All Times Are His Seasons", by Bob Kauflin on "Most Of The Time"
"Celebrate" was originally published & recorded as "Good News" from The Musical 'Ambassador in Chains' by Michael Kelly Blanchard

Credits :
Drums : Art Noble
Bass & Vocals : Don Nalle
Keyboards & Vocals : Bob Kauflin
Guitar : Chris Davis
Vocals & Percussion : Ed Nalle
Sax & Clarinet : Tim Eyerman
Strings : The Charles Pencoff Section
Additional Vocals : George Evans, George King, Keith Stratton, Barb Carter & Grace Carter