Fabulous Krush "Blame It On The Night" (1997) -Hawaiian AOR-

Label : Bluewater Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Misty (Johnny Burke & Erroll Garner)
02 - Blame It On The Night (Robert Byrne & Hershey Reeves)
03 - Who Do You Love (Arthur Allen Koelle)
04 - Love Your Family (Bonnie Gearheart & Brian Robertshaw)
05 - All The Time (Barry Manilow Marty Panzer)
06 - Waialua Sky (Bonnie Gearheart & Brian Robertshaw)
07 - I Can't Help Myself (Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier & Eddie Holland)
08 - Between The Laughter And The Tears (Jay Larin)
09 - Without The One You Love (Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier & Eddie Holland)
10 - Till Love Touches Your Life (R. Ortolani & A. Hamilton)

Produced by Brian Robertshaw
Executive Producer : Yemun Chung
Engineer : Herb Ono
Recorded at Sounds of Hawaii
Mixed at RCA Records, Los Angeles
Coordinated by George J.D. Chun of Tom Moffatt Productions

The Krush :
Edwin Ramones
Philip Galaura
Macky Galbiso
Hal Bradbury
Bobby Gonzales
Butchie Canencia
Wade Kuroiwa
Brian Honma