Phil Cristian "No Prisoner" (1988) -AOR-

Label : Voss Records / Empire Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Just Another Broken Heart (Phil Cristian & Buzz Feiten) 
02 - Hey Andrea (Phil Cristian) 
03 - Prisoner (Phil Cristian) 
04 - Million Miles Away (Phil Cristian) 
05 - Nothing Good In Goodbye (Phil Cristian, Steve Salas & Joe Orndoff)
06 - Facing The Fire (Phil Cristian & Steve Salas)
07 - Waiting 4 U (Phil Cristian)
08 - Pain For The Pleasure (Phil Cristian & Steve Salas)
09 - Living In A Bad World (Phil Cristian & Steve Salas)

Bonus Tracks

10 - Mary, Mary (Phil Cristian) 
11 - Mama Don't Cry (Phil Cristian) 
12 - China's Crying (Phil Cristian) 
13 - Nina's Song (Phil Cristian)

Produced by Dan Voss
Co-Produced by Robert Margouleff on "Facing The Fire", "Living In A Bad World" & "Waiting 4 U"
Phil Cristian : Sang, Played Keyboards & made up the words

Other cast of characters include :
Jody Cortez as "The Drummer"
Mark Nelson as "The Drummer" on "Just Another Broken Heart"
Robert Martin as "The Keyboard Bass Player" except "Hey Andrea" & "Just Another Broken Heart"
Steve Salas as "The Guitarist"
Buzz Feiten as "The Guitarist & Bass Player" on "Just Another Broken Heart"
Kenny Sanders as "The Rhythm Guitarist" on "Just Another Broken Heart"
Paul Warren as "Guest Solo Guitarist" on "Facing The Fire"

Background vocals : Phil Cristian as "Himself"
Also Appearing : Muff Hendrix & Robert Martin on "Prisoner", "Pain For The Pleasure" & "Facing The Fire", Jason Scheff on "Waiting 4 U"

Album Engineered by Jeff Cowan
Album Mixed by Terry Nelson, Dave Ahlert, Mike Rochele & Al Schmitt
Mastering : Digital Domain
Recorded at Goldmine Recording
Album Mixed at Sunset Sound, Ocean Way & Village Recorders