Air Supply "Greatest Hits" (1983) -Soft Rock-

Label : Arista Records

Drapeau de l'Australie 01 - Lost In Love (Graham Russell)
02 - Even The Nights Are Better* (J.L. Wallace, Kenneth Bell & Terry Skinner)
03 - The One That You Love** (Graham Russell)
04 - Making Love Out Of Nothing At All*** (Jim Steinman)
05 - Sweet Dreams** (Graham Russell)
06 - I'll Never Get Enough Of You*** (Gary Portnoy, Judy Quay & Jeannie Napoli)
07 - All Out Of Love**** (Graham Russell, Robie Porter & Clive Davis)
08 - Every Woman In The World***** (Dominic Bugatti & Frank Musker)
09 - Here I Am*** (Norman Saleet)
10 - Chances**** (Graham Russell)
11 - Late Again****** (Live Version) (Graham Russell)

*Produced by Robie Porter, Rick Chertoff & Charles Fisher
Executive Producer : Clive Davis
**Produced & Engineered by Harry Maslin for HRM Productions, Inc.
***Produced by Harry Maslin for HRM Productions, Inc.
Executive Producer : Clive Davis
****Produced & Directed by Jim Steinman
*****Produced by Robie Porter
Executive Producer : Clive Davis
*****Produced by Robie Porter & Harry Maslin
Executive Producer : Clive Davis
******Produced by Patrick Griffith for PG Productions
Engineered by Rob O'Brien for PG Productions

Air Supply :
Russell Hitchcok : Lead vocals 
Graham Russell : Lead vocals