Steve Young "Seven Bridges Road" (1972) -Country Rock-

Label : Reprise Records / Rounder Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Seven Bridges Road (Steve Young)
02 - My Oklahoma (Cheryl A. Young)
03 - The White Trash Song (Steve Young)
04 - I Begin To See Design (Cheryl A. Young & Steve Young)
05 - One Car Funeral Procesion (Fred F. Carter Jr.)
06 - Long Way To Hollywood (Steve Young)
07 - Many Rivers (Steve Young)
08 - Lonesome, On'ry And Mean (Steve Young)
09 - Come Sit By My Side (Fred F. Carter Jr.)
10 - True Note (Steve Young)
11 - Ragtime Blue Guitar (Steve Young)
12 - Montgomery In The Rain (Steve Young)

Produced by Paul Tannen
Recorded at Fred F. Carter Jr. Studios
Engineer : Jesse Tharp
Remixed at Jack Clement Recording Studios
Engineer : Charlie Tallent

Pickers :
Steve Young, Fred F. Carter Jr., Pete Drake, 'Uncle Josie' Graves, Buddy Spicher, Willie Ackerman, David Briggs, Jerry Carrigan, Ray Edenton, D.J. Fontana, Karl, Charlie McCoy, Bob Moore, Weldon Myrick, Jerry Smith, Henry, Bobby Thompson & Pete Wade
Singers :
The Holliday Singers & Temple Rise
The Nasville Edition & Paul Tannen